Mr. Leroy Gordon

Acting CTO Role: Review technology products and services intended to be onboarded to company’s accelerator platform. Where necessary and financially plausible, provide onboarded companies with technological (programing) assistance.

Leroy is an innovator and tinkerer from a very early age, complex systems and difficult problems have always attracted Mr. Gordon. He studied Pre-Med and Computer Science before moving on to develop the world’s first global television distribution system, amongst other things. Through bootstrapping OpenVision Lab and a variety of other streaming media software solutions, he has learned to be proficient with progressive web application development, mobile application development, and IoT/embedded software development. He has a comprehensive understanding of each piece of the puzzle, and this has allowed him to help orchestrate some of this era’s greatest technical masterpieces. His tremendous success as a technologist has helped him find great success as an author, radio show host, and speaker; all things he enjoys, as an entertainer at heart.

Moving forward, Leroy intends to leverage his partnership with DigitalAMN to overcome many of the traditional roadblocks that technology companies face, allowing OpenVision to fully express itself and deliver valuable services to both businesses and consumers across the globe. His vision includes having OpenVision software access available on every internet-connected device in the world, which would result in a device agnostic global communications system. As any great software engineer does, he also contributes to multiple other side projects in his free time, including interconnectivity solutions in the live streaming, radio/tv, and community growth spaces.