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Crowdfunding leverages the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and private investors to raise capital for young startups. Most important, through Equity Crowdfunding [under Reg. CF], the type of crowdfunding platforms we offer, even everyday people, who may be non-accredited or low-income earners, can participate in the financial development of high-value, fast-growth companies.

Integrating equity crowdfunding into the DigitalAMN growth ecosystem works favorably for our shareholders as it gives:

I. Startups and development stage companies the ability to:

a. raise up to $1,070,000, yearly;

b. simultaneously market and sell their products/services inexpensively; and,

c. diversify their investor base, which ultimately broadens marketplace visibility

II. Everyday People, who may not be accredited (non-accredited) to invest as little as $10 in what could potentially be the next Billion Dollar idea.

In supporting both these groups with their needs, DigitalAMN has the ability to effectively grown both it’s client-company list and its equity portfolio of high-value, fast-growth startups.

Equity Crowdfunding supports our mantra: to create an environment where the opportunity to build wealth is equitable and rich for both the rich, the poor and the aspiring entrepreneur.

We have invested both time and money in assisting with the development of truCrowd, Inc.; ranked in the Top 10 by truCrowd, Inc. is the owner and operator of Fundanna – a cannabis focused crowdfunding portal, and the newly developed CryptoLaunch – a crypto asset focused portal supporting security tokens and security token offerings.

We invite any startup or development stage company, as well as anyone looking to invest as little as $10 in emerging business, to consider the equity crowdfunding model through the DigitalAMN growth ecosystem.

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