Ms. Teresa Misenheimer

Controller and Board/Executive Advisor Role: Accounting (general ledger, cost accounting, pro forma, budgeting, and special analyses), managing aspects of communications, overall team consultant.

Teresa is a U.S. military veteran, who exemplifies the organizational skills, attention to detail, and time management skills that spending eight years in the Navy engrains in a sailor. After her time in the military, Teresa went on to spend over 30 years in a wide variety of high-level business disciplines, including: business development, accounting and payroll, capital budgeting, human resources, and project management. This wide breadth of knowledge has helped Teresa become an expert in developing business to business relationships, including supply chain and distribution network growth, partnership negotiation, and mergers and acquisitions. Over the years, her specialty in the “psychology” of business arose, and she places heavy emphasis on the holistic approach to business. In following this school of thought, she builds teams where, even at an executive level, quality ideas and free thinking within a team environment are prioritized over following a strict plan. Within the context of DigitalAMN, this type of thinking allows businesses to find solutions before problems arise, and it allows people at all levels throughout an organization to leverage strengths and work together to build great products, quickly.
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