HussleNomics: 2 Money Tips Inspired by Nipsey Hussle

Money can be one of the most uncomfortable topics to discuss. It’s common for many families to feel like it’s a secret; many children grow up missing out on the basics of money or not knowing their family’s household income. Couple this with an educational system which graduates teenagers who become adults with no idea how to file their income tax – most people have very little financial knowledge.

It’s time to remove the shame and stigma, we all start somewhere. Think of it like learning to drive, mostly everyone struggles with the unfamiliar process while starting with no baseline knowledge or experience. This same idea can be applied to money as well. Even many well known millionaires started by creating a budget on an Excel spreadsheet – and if you asked many of them today, they’d likely tell you they still use one. Theirs may have more zeros at the end of it, but it’s still a budget! 

One person who valued fiscal responsibility and building wealth was Nipsey Hussle. A book has been created in his memory, in an effort to empower the community, by spreading his money and business lessons. 

Here are two lessons inspired by Nipsey:

Nipseyism #1 – Believe in yourself 

“If you got doubt in what you’re doing, it’s not gonna work and the way to do that is you have a plan. ‘Cause if you got a plan, it’s not just like a pipe-dream, you have a step-by-step list of things to do to get to your goal.”

The major educational message from Nipsey’s quote could be interpreted as – planning for financial goals is crucial, but you must believe that you can tackle it. Big dreams can feel overwhelming (especially about money!), but by creating a plan today, you can break them into bite size actionable chunks and move forward towards the finish line. 

Nipseyism #2 – Birds of a feather flock together

“The company you keep has a large influence on the situations you bring to yourself. You gotta surround yourself with people that are like minded and focused on the same goal you’re focused on.”

The educational lessons from Nipsey are solid because people striving for the same goals can help along the way. For example, mentioning that you’re saving up an emergency fund can be supported by friends who are also pushing towards their financial goals. Their support can be in the form of planning wine nights at home instead of going out. The people that share the same values and mindsets as you are the ones to surround yourself with for success. 

RIP Nipsey, may your financial lessons live on forever and build generational wealth for the community at large.

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