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September 12, 2018

As you’ve likely noticed, DATI has a new name, and with it, a fresh new look!  The new DigitalAMN website [] has expanded content designed to educate and inform our readers. Let’s take a tour!

DigitalAMN equity crowdfunding


We encourage everyone to check out the new website, sign-up, and get involved. We appreciate and request your participation in reviewing the companies we plan to bring on as clients and/or invest in. We need your constructive suggestions on the development of our ecosystem, as it is being built to support your financial growth.

Be it that you might fall under the category of an angel or early-stage investor, a startup or development stage company, or most important, an everyday person looking for their piece of the pie. We welcome your input.

Sweeping Changes

Bright colors, more photos and a bigger menu are the first things you’ll see. From the homepage you have an option to explore using the long scroll down or using the dropdown menus along the top. Our contact details are always on the top right hand corner if you’ve got a question or want to reach out.

Capital Growth Programs for All

Are you a startup or development stage company? An angel or early-stage investor? Or one of the great, hardworking everyday people in the world just looking for opportunity to advance?  

We have a capital growth program to suit everyone. Pick the option that’s right for you and give us a call!

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Check out what our client-companies and portfolio-companies say about us in the Testimonials section (Hi, Vincent!)

digitalamn crowdfunding reg cf Introducing the DigitalAMN Team

Something we were really excited to add to our new website is the Team section. We’ve got a passionate group of men and women excited to come to work at DigitalAMN everyday – now you get to meet them. Our blog section includes deep dives, interviews and other pieces that unveil the humans behind the DigitalAMN machine. Come say hi!

digitalAMN equity crowdfunding


We’ve created a brand new Dictionary section that includes various terms related to what we do, along with useful definitions. Newcomers should feel like they can turn to DigitalAMN for reliable education and knowledge. We believe in financial literacy and transparency and want our new website to reflect our values.


Since our readers rely on us for financial knowledge, we’ve moved the Blog section to a more prominent position on the new website. Check back for weekly updates!

DigitalAMN equity crowdfunding

Participate & Contact Us

The DigitalAMN family is tight-knit and you are part of it.  So we made it simple for everyone to keep in touch. Sign up for the newsletter or ping us to chat about a startup idea, accessing liquidity from private investments, or finding the next hot emerging business venture to be part of!

DigitalAMN equity crowdfunding

Take a tour of the new website, we hope you like it!

By Kirsten Campbell
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