Coffee Talk: Unveiling the Wealth Builders Society for Financial Growth & Empowerment

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Profit with Purpose! That’s the primary intent at Digital Asset Monetary Network (DigitalAMN): to generate long-term wealth and value for our stakeholders while empowering society. 

Today’s launch of our LinkedIn community, Wealth Builders Society for Financial Growth & Empowerment (WBS), will help attain that goal! 

First, this community will cultivate an invaluable, lead-generating vehicle for every userbase vertical of the PAI—entrepreneurs, novice/non-accredited investors, and Angel / Early-stage investors. 

Second, WBS will embody a vibrant community designed to foster equitable access to capital markets, financial education, business support, and investment risk mitigation tools.

This initiative will bring together diverse individuals passionate about financial growth, social equity, and sustainable wealth creation, while in part, contributing to the revenue drivers of DigitalAMN’s PAI. 

“We have worked diligently on the creation of this community,” stated Ajene Watson, CEO of DigitalAMN. “Even while being occupied by the launch of the generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD), .HipHop, during that rollout, we were able to expand our visibility across new business and consumer communities, while cultivating new and diverse investment interest. So, I’m thrilled to finally introduce the Wealth Builders Society for Financial Growth & Empowerment to our stakeholders and the public.”

“This initiative represents a monumental step toward monetizing our proprietary trademarked PAI framework. By fostering a community of like-minded individuals, we are not just creating a platform for education and growth while paving the way for a new era of economic empowerment and wealth creation; we are also ensuring that every business vertical of the PAI has a lead-gen funnel to advance DigitalAMN’s revenue and growth potential.” 

WBS is designed to provide its members with the knowledge, tools, and access needed to navigate the complexities of the modern and ever-evolving socioeconomic landscape of capitalism. 

Who is WBS for?

1. Everyday People: 
– Entrepreneurs 
 – Novice & Non-accredited Investors 

2. Experienced Investors
– Angels & Early-Stage Investors 
– Private Equity
– Venture Capital

3. Shared Interests include:
– Money
– Profiting with Purpose
– Social Impact 
– Equity Crowdfunding
– SmallCap & Microcap Markets
– Business, Technology & Financial Innovation

The Benefits of Joining WBS

While DigitalAMN stakeholders need not join WBS (but are encouraged), those entrepreneurs, novice/non-accredited investors, and Angels/Early-stage investors who do join may benefit from: 

Empowerment: Gaining access to educational resources and risk mitigation tools to protect investment interests in startups, early-stage investments, and entrepreneurship.

Collaboration: Engaging with diverse investors, innovators, and entrepreneurial support organizations intent on advancing capital growth, inclusivity, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

1. Learning new investment strategies, including the PAI framework, which aligns the Berkshire Hathaway value investing method with social impact investing.
2. Exploring the JOBS Act and crowdfunding platforms supporting Reg. CF, Reg. A+, and Reg. D opportunities. 
3. Using Angels+ investment risk mitigation tools.
4. Gaining early access to a new DeFi platform that allows you to use your money twice.

Business & Economic Impact 
The integration of various business verticals within WBS will fuel the anticipated and explosive growth of the PAI framework—something DigitalAMN stakeholders have long been waiting for! This approach will contribute significantly to DigitalAMN’s projected revenue of approximately $80 million over three to five years, accumulating more than $19.3 million [at cost] in additional assets. It’s anticipated that any number of WBS members will ultimately become stakeholders (retail shareholders, investors, partners, etc.) and thus, will benefit from their own active participation in WBS. 

Metrics to Note:

$375B: The e-learning market is projected to reach $375 billion by 2026, driven by increasing demand for flexible learning solutions. DigitalAMN’s PAI offers e-learning solutions and other means of support to both entrepreneurs and novice / non-accredited investors. 

295k+: Roughly 295k+ companies have raised money using Reg. CF portals in 2022, raising over $490M for the same period. Furthermore, entrepreneurs launched over 5.4M new U.S. businesses in 2023. DigitalAMN’s PAI is well positioned to capture 0.5% of this market—est. Value of $4.05B+. 

$25B: There are approximately 300k ‘active’ Angel and Early-stage investors in a pool of roughly 5M in the U.S. that collectively invest just about $25B in approximately 70k companies. Despite the risk, angels and early-stage investors invest between $25k and $50k per deal with investor ‘networks,’ investing around $250k. Through DigitalAMN’s proprietary trademarked Angels+, unchecked risk is greatly reduced as the PAI offers superior investment risk mitigation tools and strategies. 

– Valuable Data: Community growth will provide a wealth of data sets for the PAI. This data will inevitably become an invaluable revenue-generating vertical for DigitalAMN. 

Our Request 

Generally, we know that in the microcap markets, stakeholders mainly care about stock performance over fundamentals and business development success. However, it’s difficult to truly see the value of DigitalAMN and the PAI unless you fully understand it and watch it unfold. To that end, we encourage all DATI stakeholders to follow and connect with DigitalAMN on LinkedIn and be the FIRST to join the Wealth Builders Society for Financial Growth & Empowerment.  

So, please join us and contribute to both the conversation and the future growth of DigitalAMN. 

– WBS community on LinkedIn groups: [Join WBS] (

– DigitalAMN LinkedIn page: [Follow DigitalAMN] (

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