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June 13, 2018

About Indeco

Indeco is shifting the entire financial ecosystem from a capital market model to a sustainable social capital market by creating a platform connecting investors and issuers of security tokens that span the token’s entire lifecycle. Issuers seek access to capital on flexible terms, which Indeco provides, along with a platform that engages the investor community and maintains their interest with high quality, relevant information. Investors get rapid liquidity and an opportunity for substantial returns. Indeco is solving the urgent unmet needs of both entrepreneurs and investors with increased transparency and lower risk through blockchain technology. By addressing the needs of both parties, Indeco is revolutionizing the traditional financial industry.

The #SocialCapital movement

A landmark ruling in 1946 resulted in the Howey Test, which determines if an investment qualifies as a security; a security is defined as an investment contract. A security token is a digital contract that creates fractional ownership of a real asset. The value of a security token on blockchain lies in the low cost of capital, high operational efficiency and radical transparency it offers.

Noticing the unmet market need, Indeco built a blockchain #SocialCapital movement based on transparency, direct connections between investors and issuers, effectively supporting the entire ecosystem for startups and ultimately mature companies. On the Indeco platform, small businesses like coffee shops and restaurants can enjoy the ability to raise money to sustain the growth that supports their community and values. Indeco security tokens and agreements are more flexible than traditional equity or debt agreements between issuers and investors.

Why Digital Arts Media Network?

truCrowd of course! Indeco was impressed with truCrowd’s success in replicating its regulation crowdfunding portal to serve the cannabis industry. Fundanna provided a model for Indeco’s concept of CryptoLaunch, a crowdfunding portal for security token pre-sales. truCrowd was highly collaborative and rapidly achieved the desired results.

truCrowd is the crowdfunding portal that Digital Arts Media Network recently took an equity interest in. This investment was made specifically for the purpose of furthering DATI’s principle business mantra, “Doing Good, While Doing Well.”  Having a FINRA member portal as part of its ecosystem was paramount to introducing viable startup opportunities to the masses… or the general market place – “disenfranchised investors,” as the CEO of DATI, Ajene Watson, likes to call it.

truCrowd CEO, Vincent Petrescu made the introduction as the Digital Arts Media Network and Indeco teams share the same values and aim to provide additional support for entrepreneurs. “The positivity, enthusiast engagement and industry knowledge displayed by the company’s management, makes DATI an ideal partner for us,” says David Levine, CEO of Indeco. David added, “We aim to make our security token, along with the process of establishing its legitimacy, an industry standard while consistently expanding our platform to constantly improve the experience for our users.”

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