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Investors Have Been Making the Same Mistake for 300 Years

This blew our collective minds! If Isaac Newton can lose his head and ignore the numbers, what does that say about the rest of us? Mitigating our worst impulses and keeping emotions in check while investing is key for all of us

How do I vote in my state during the pandemic? Use this handy tool to find out

The November election is going to be bonkers, make sure you ‘re aware of how to vote in your state. We love this tool because it helps people get one step closer to the ballot

How a Maverick Hip-Hop Legend Found Inspiration in a Titan of American Industry

We love it when rappers surprise the finance community by demonstrating a keen eye for investment and business opportunities. We’ve written blogs about Jay-Z, Nas, Nipsey Hussle and even Snoop Dogg’s financial prowess, but now it seems time to add LL Cool J to the mix.

The $62.5B Dollar Main Street Co-Investment Fund that could reemploy 20 Million Americans within 60 Days

Small businesses are floundering and desperately in need of practical solutions to stay afloat. We’re thrilled to see equity crowdfunding being used to assist Main Street and get Americans back to work, safely. We need it now more than ever!

Who gets to be reckless on Wall Street?

The stock market isn’t structured to benefit the 99% and the influx of bored, new traders trying their hand is optimistic albeit slightly misguided. For those unwilling to follow the herd off the cliff, the equity crowdfunding market awaits. Instead of buying worthless Hertz stocks, we encourage folks to invest in an entrepreneurs’ dream

Wall Street’s COVID Bonanza Grew From the Perfect Storm of Fear and Greed

Do you think the Feds tripped over themselves rushing to bail out corporate America at the expense of Main Street? Hope they didn’t twist an ankle. Over in the equity crowdfunding arena however, we’ve been busy sourcing funding for small businesses to #KeepTheLightOn during these turbulent times

The November Election Is Going to Be a Mess

Yikes. We know we’re in for a tough fight this November, which is why DigitalAMN stands behind vote by mail. It’s a safe, secure and practical solution to make sure every American can cast their ballot.

Social Capital: The Powerful Yet Invisible Currency that Maintains the Status Quo

It’s great having friends in high places, but when it comes at the expense of you know, everyone else, then it becomes an issue. We understand the majority of entrepreneurs can’t rely on wealthy family and friends to fund their startup, which is why we aim to mitigate it with DigitalAMN programs.