Entrepreneurs founding startups or operating development stage companies, often need assistance either launching an idea, getting over the ‘Valley of Death’, or scaling their operating business. We assist our client-companies using tried-and-true acceleration methods designed to further a company’s growth at nearly any stage. 

As a hybrid accelerator, we immediately focus on a ‘fast-track’, 3-month Accelerate Program, intended to position a client-company to secure as much as $1M to $5M –Level 1.  

At later points in the development process, we focus on a Business Growth Program geared toward securing an additional $5M to $50M raise, within 12 to 18 months. –Level 2.

Where needed, DigitalAMN also provides various financial services to fund an entrepreneur’s shorter-term success.

3-Month Accelerate Program

During the accelerate program we assist our client-companies in achieving two important benchmarks crucial to a fast and effective initial raise – validating an investable market and formally establishing a profitable business model.

The program is intended to secure between $1M to $5M for our client-companies.

In validating an investable market, our Accelerate Program gives our client-company the ability to:

  • Develop strong industry contacts and prove market viability
  • Discuss their contributions to relevant industry transformation
  • Foster customer feedback
  • Prove knowledge base of product/service logistics
  • Prove the size of the total addressable market (Typically $1B+)
  • Provide projected revenues and a roadmap to achieving goals

In establishing a profitable business model, our Accelerate Program gives a client-company the ability to:

  • Project a clear strategy and understanding of their sales
  • Evidence and articulate the solutions provided to customers
  • Have a product that is almost ready for small scale commercial distribution
  • Boast ongoing discussions with possible sales, marketing, and distribution partners
  • Demonstrate scalability and positive future economics
  • Show potential investment or acquisition interest from larger firms


Business Growth Program

When a company has, or is ready to move beyond early adopters, we initiate the 2nd stage of acceleration. 

While Level 2 acceleration is much more involved, as a hybrid accelerator, we continue to utilize modified acceleration methods to ‘fast-track’ the progression of our client-companies, with a focus on raising as much as $50M, within a 12 to 18 month period.


If a client-company is transitioning from Level 1 to Level 2, a DigitalAMN Business Management Consulting specialist will assist the client-company with moving beyond early adopters, ensuring there is a product/market fit and the ability to successfully scale the business.

Raise Capital

If a client-company is at a Tier 2 level when initially accepted into our ecosystem, we will launch a 6-month program intended to secure up to $5M. This raise will occur concurrently to a DigitalAMN Business Management Consulting specialist working with the client-company to prepare for a larger capital formation. Preparation includes:

  • Assisting the client-company to move beyond early adopters; 
  • Ensuring there is a product/market fit and;
  • Scaling  their business successfully

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Ajene Watson
CEO, DigitalAMN

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