Business Management Consulting (BMC)

Entrepreneurs at every level often need assistance with improving business performance, problem solving, maximizing growth, and increasing value. 

Whether you are a private or public company raising $1M or $100M, DigitalAMN, as a hybrid accelerator, provides functional expertise to both the startup industry and the microcap space, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Capital formation 
  • Operations and business growth
  • Marketing and communications
  • Finance
  • Compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic partnerships

Both short and long-term Business Management Consulting services can be accessed through either: (i) the PAI Ecosystem’s Acceleration [Level 2] – which focuses on capital formation  between $5m and $50M, or (ii) as an al la carte, BMC engagement.

BMC Services (Acceleration) – Level 2

After completing Level 1 of the Acceleration phase, a Business Management Consulting Specialist will continue the acceleration of a client-company during the Level 2 of the Program. With a focus on raising as much as $50M (within 12 to 18 months), considerable time and expertise is given to assisting the client-company with three important benchmarks that are crucial to raising capital (long-term) and positioning the client-company for an early exit and/or public offering:

DigitalAMN BMC Specialists help a client-company to:

  • Ensure that the management, product, and sales teams are properly positioned for growth
  • Ensure that the vision is being realized and is gaining ground within the marketspace
  • Establish organic expansion of customers beyond the original target audience, prompting additional sales
  • Gather feedback from the market on the completeness and efficacy of core products
  • Improve the economies of scale with a beneficial impact to distributors, suppliers, and partners
  • Ensure that the regulatory path is clear and remains clear while future exit opportunities are identified

DigitalAMN BMC Specialists help a client-company to:

  • Assemble/Present an executive team capable of leading the company through the next growth phase.
  • Prove that the vision is attainable in a broader marketplace
  • Demonstrate industry competitiveness – reflecting sizable inbound sales in the primary market
  • Validate the business model through strong unit economics, product scalability and future offerings in multiple markets
  • Secure and develop strong relationships with potential acquirers

DigitalAMN BMC Specialists help a client-company to:

  • Position the company and executive management team as recognized industry leaders
  • Demonstrate system-level evolution in problem solving, both internal and within the marketplace
  • Further those strategic marketing, distribution and sales partnerships that spur customer satisfaction and retention
  • Demonstrate the ability to sustain continued growth, demand of product and a growing customer base
  • Produce a viable path towards profitability and increased valuations
  • Filter through incompatible or non-competitive acquisition requests

Generally, those entrepreneurs accepted into the Level 2 Acceleration are entering the following funding phases: 

  • VC Series A, Debt round, or, 
  • VC Series B and C round. 

While our ecosystem efficiently moves an entrepreneur though the typical VC funding path (Debt, A, B, C, D+), without having to divest much of their equity (entrepreneurs have more freedom and financial flexibility), it’s our BMC Specialist who ensures the company can fully substantiate its capital formation, by demonstrating sustainable growth and scalability. After this point, an exit will likely be in sight, whereby:

  • Should a private client-company seek to access the public markets through a Reg. A+ or S-1 Registration, the BMC Specialist will assist DigitalAMN’s Compliance Committee with the private market/public market transition; or,
  • Should a public client-company seek to upgrade its OTC Market’s exchange or up-list to Nasdaq, the BMC Specialist will assist DigitalAMN’s Compliance Committee with the transition between exchanges.

BMC Services (Non -Accelerated)

For entrepreneurs or businesses that do not require our PAI Ecosystem’s Acceleration Services, DigitalAMN offers agile and multi-faceted consultation, focused on business development, communications management and creative funding solutions.  

We quickly become acclimated with a company’s business and effectively assist with the overall development of viable business strategies, as well as with the rollout of the proposed business plan.

We tailor business strategies and solutions specific to a particular business to produce an immediate impact and sustained results for both publicly traded companies and private, development stage businesses. 

Public Companies

While DigitalAMN offers ‘non-accelerated’ Business Management Consulting services to private companies, many of the candidates for these services are publicly traded companies. 

In these instances, we will assist with managing the further development of the Company’s operations, primarily through handling communications (IR/PR), capital formation services, managing creditors and equity stakeholders, and formulating corporate strategies to support growth through a three-part initiative, (i) Funding, (ii) Communications Management and (iii) Business Development & Fiscal Management.

We (a) source between one and three new, non-toxic investors, (b) arrange follow-on investments, (c) restructure existing debt as an accretive transaction, and, (d) where appropriate, incorporate funding strategies from our Capital Formation Services.

 We provide a hybrid communications program to establish both an ‘offline’ and ‘online’ presence; ultimately working together to build a cohesive IR/PR Communications Campaign as well as a strong Promotional program. The tools typically used include (but are not limited to):


Physical activations

Onsite Promotions

Tear Sheet


Fact Sheet

Verified Posts

Corporate Profile


Information Pages


Electronic Media

Ticker Tag Programs

Internet Publications

Company Social Media Outlets

Related Web Presence

Investor Communications Programs

First and foremost, money is often required for both operations and proper marketing (IR/PR and Promotions). Therefore, close attention is paid to how capital sources are coordinated in relation to the company’s business plan. As a result, specific corporate structural items must be evaluated as plausible options in supporting the company’s long-term growth strategy. Once  determined, those options will be implemented.


Private Companies

Private companies seeking ‘non-accelerated’ Business Management Consulting Services, must be development stage companies that meet our minimum operations criteria.  Contact us to inquire!

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