Capital Formation

Capital Formation

We help entrepreneurs raise up to $100M by leveraging ‘the crowd’ via equity crowdfunding – as per the JOBS Act (Reg. CF, Reg. A+ and Reg. D (506 C and 506 B)).

Considered ‘alternative financing’, Title II, Title III, and, Title IV of the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) affords entrepreneurs the flexibility to raise money from a much broader investor pool.

Through our PAI Ecosystem, which incorporates the participation of Top-10 equity crowdfunding portal operator TruCrowd, Inc., as well as the crowdfunding marketing specialty firm TruCrowd Services, LLC, we can organize capital raises at varying levels depending on the company’s needs.


Funding strategies:

  • Reg. CF:  Up to $5M
  • Reg. A+:  Up to $75M
  • Reg. D (506 B): Unlimited
  • Reg. D (506 C): Unlimited   

Our capital formation strategies are generally offered as part of both our Acceleration services and Business Management Consulting services.

Furthermore, these strategies generally bear the expense of set-up fees (onboarding, legal, accounting, etc.) and marketing costs.

For those companies that qualify, DigitalAMN offers other Financial Resources to supplement these funding strategies to help startups and development stage companies along the way.

The added capital can range between $85,000 and $300,000 and is generally available to those businesses accepted into the PAI Ecosystem as a client-company.

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Ajene Watson
CEO, DigitalAMN

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