Robert Menendez Managing Director, Board/Exec Advisor

Areas of expertise

  • Business development
  • Management
  • Investment platforms
  • Growth strategy
  • Technology
Investment platforms experience

Robert has 15 years of management experience, has expertise in developing business and investment platforms for long-term growth. 

Attuned to the complexity of the technology space, with a particular acumen for navigating the competitive landscape to make changes that affect the bottom line. 


Prior to co-founding VEZT, Menendez managed all facets of operations at Newmax Advisors, LLC, he successfully created synergy for investors by coordinating algorithmic trading teams primarily made of programmers and developers managing account platforms. 

Business development

Mr. Menendez began his career at Oppenheimer & Company and moved to CA to become Co-Founder of Tradestar Capital, Ltd., a prop trading firm and a subsidiary of Assent Trading. His ability to spot high-quality talent and personally stock each subdivision with high performing individuals enabled him to build each of the five branches, in five cities, of Assent Trading into fully operational and profitable units. 

Following Assent, Menendez was instrumental in the launch of Coastal LLC, a quantitative fund for which he raised both trading and operational capital. Menendez’s talent for easily cross-pollinating technology, funding led to a partnership at One Asia U.S.


Top Flight (valued over 100mm)

SURKUs (Co-founder)

VEZT (Co-founder)

contact details

(718) 285-6378
3265 Johnson Avenue, Suite 301
New York, Riverdale 10463 United States

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