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Regardless of your socio-economic status, our primary focus is to give an equal opportunity for all people to build wealth.  Whether you are founding your first startup, are an experienced angel/early-stage investor, or just an everyday hard working person, Digital-AMN provides the private, public and crypto markets with a dynamic environment to seamlessly exchange value and build prosperity together.

Equities. Crowdfunding. Crypto Assets. Startup Capital. Liquidity.  The Digital-AMN Ecosystem Makes the Dream Real.


Digital Asset Monetary Network is a specialized accelerator focused on expediting capital formation for startups and early-stage companies by providing angel investors access to liquidity as early as 24 months.

We at Digital-AMN, have assembled a quality and synergistic team to create an ecosystem that helps drive capital, revenue, and growth partnerships to startup ventures. We work with visionary entrepreneurs, industry-leading investors, technology developers and reputable service providers to help ensure a company’s success and acceptance within our network.

Through tactical acquisitions and alliances, our eco-system consists of Reg. CF portals and proprietary investor liquidity strategies, along with a platform to properly leverage the cryptocurrency market using SEC accepted Securities Tokens and Reg. A.


We build an equity portfolio of high-value, fast-growth private technology startups that have the greatest probability of success.   This goal is accomplished through a combination of investing, consulting services and forming alliances; using various tools such as equity crowdfunding, Angels+ and Token Generating Events for Securities Tokens – in addition to our own investment capital.

We focus on entrepreneurial teams developing disruptive innovations, or whose companies or business strategies can positively contribute to our equity portfolio and/or ecosystem.  Each business opportunity is reviewed through a double-vetting strategy; ensuring the best teams, innovations, and strategies are funded and/or acquired.

Digital-AMN uses a four-phase model to build value from its equity portfolio of fast-growth, private technology startups: (i) Accelerate, (ii) Incubate, (iii) Acquire and (iv) Spin-off.

Our equity portfolio of startups and early-stage development companies deliver substantial value to Digital-AMN’s public equity.  As capital is raised, revenues are generated, and the valuations increase for each of the startups and early-stage development companies within our equity portfolio.  This process helps to drive the growth of Digital-AMN’s equity and overall value proposition.

Digital-AMN’s value is derived from:

Revenues from consulting fees

Major liquidity events of the private startup venture

Resale/repackaging of our portfolio companies’ products and services

A revenue share model with our portfolio companies

ROI from the sale of portfolio Securities Tokens


Digital-AMN primarily looks to accelerate a company’s growth by rapidly increasing an investor’s access to liquidity from private investments.  We further hasten the success of both the company and the investor by bringing a company into our ecosystem.

Digital-AMN primarily looks to accelerate a company’s growth by rapidly increasing an investor’s access to liquidity from private investments.  We further hasten the success of both the company and the investor by bringing a company into our ecosystem.

In the Digital-AMN ecosystem, we:

Provide experienced business development consulting services to startup and early-stage development companies

Launch initial funding efforts for startup and early-stage development companies on our equity crowdfunding platforms.

Raise additional capital using our proprietary strategy, Angels+

Prepare a company for an ICO [if warranted] while executing a Reg. A

Launch an ICO [with securities tokens]

Provide angel and early-stage private investors with liquidity from their private investments as early as 24 months without diluting their investment in the startup or early-stage development company.


Digital-AMN aligns with leading accelerators, incubators and experienced well-heeled private investors, forming unique partnerships to leverage their resources for faster traction, execution on deliverables, and strategic funding pools.

Through our acquisitions and/or alliances, Digital-AMN can provide expert advice from industry leaders, functional coaching, venture capital readiness, and other mentorship opportunities along with a series of investments over the course of a three (3) to twenty-four (24) month period in exchange for an increasing equity stake and/or security token ownership in the startup or early-stage development company.


$600 Billion micro-cap market value.

$200 Billion in investment capital by accelerator/incubator companies.

$36 Billion market value for equity crowdfunding estimated by 2020

$6.3 Billion raised in crypto token market in first 3 months of 2018 (118%>2017)


Digital-AMN provides a universal, user-friendly marketplace for (i) startups or early-stage companies to develop and grow with the support of the global community; (ii) investments made by VCs, angels and early-stage investors to be protected by liquidity vehicles; and (iii) all people to have the ability to invest freely in fast-growth, international business opportunities regardless of geographic location or socio-economic status.  Strategically weaving the microcap markets, accelerator/incubator modeling, equity crowdfunding platforms and cryptocurrency, Digital-AMN can provide dynamic growth values that include revenue and assets.

This objective is accomplished by Digital-AMN leveraging the Public Accelerator-Incubator Model (“PAI”) which tactically acquires companies for operational solvency – to build an equity portfolio of viable fast-growth startups that impacts the capital growth for all participants.


Our Team

Mr. Ajene Watson CEO, President, and Chair

Mr. John Romano Senior VP and Executive Director

Mr. Greg Thorpe, Esq. General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mr. Robert Menendez Managing Director, Board/Executive Advisor

Mr. Donald Cleary VP of Crypto Development and Services

Mr. Leroy Gordon Acting CTO

Ms. Teresa Misenheimer Controller and Board/Executive Advisor

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