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  • Who Benefits?

    * Startups & Development Stage Companies

    * Everyday People

    Crowdfunding leverages the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and private investors to raise capital for young business ventures (startups and development stage companies). Most important, through Equity Crowdfunding [under Reg. CF], the type of crowdfunding platforms we offer, even everyday people, who may be non-accredited or low-income earners, can participate in the financial development of high-value, fast-growth companies.

    Integrating equity crowdfunding into the DigitalAMN growth ecosystem works favorably for our shareholders as it gives:

    I. Startups and development stage companies the ability to:

    a. raise up to $1,070,000, yearly;

    b. simultaneously market and sell their products/services inexpensively; and,

    c. diversify their investor base, which ultimately broadens marketplace visibility

    II. Everyday People, who may not be accredited (non-accredited) to invest as little as $10 in what could potentially be the next Billion Dollar idea.

    In supporting both these groups with their needs, DigitalAMN has the ability to effectively grown both it’s client-company list and its equity portfolio of high-value, fast-growth startups.

    Equity Crowdfunding supports our mantra: to create an environment where the opportunity to build wealth is equitable and rich for both the rich, the poor and the aspiring entrepreneur.

    We have invested both time and money in assisting with the development of truCrowd, Inc.; ranked in the Top 10 by truCrowd, Inc. is the owner and operator of Fundanna – a cannabis focused crowdfunding portal, and the newly

    developed CryptoLaunch – a crypto asset focused portal supporting security tokens and security token offerings.

    Invest or Build… The Choice Is Yours!

    We invite any startup or development stage company, as well as anyone looking to invest as little as $10 in emerging business, to consider the equity crowdfunding model through the DidgitalAMN growth ecosystem.

    Let’s disrupt crowdfunding

    • Who Benefits?

    * Startups & Development Stage Companies

    * Angel and Early-Stage Investors

    As a nontraditional, specialized accelerator, DigitalAMN focuses on accelerating liquidity to investors. We believe doing this contributes to the overall acceleration of a startup or development stage company.

    Expedited Liquidity = Accelerated Capital

    Angels+ leverages the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) to create fast liquidity for private investors (angel and early-stage), while creating larger, more accessible capital pools for emerging businesses (startups and development stages).

    Traditional angel investing can tie up investor capital for as long as 10 years. This limits an investor’s liquidity; likewise, reducing their excitement to invest in additional business opportunities. The Angels+ program gives private investors access to liquidity from their private equity investments in less than 24 months. This is accomplished without the investor having to give up or lose any interest in the private equity they originally invested in.

    Equally, raising capital from accelerators, angels and/or early-stage investors, the traditional way, is becoming increasingly difficult due to a lack of investor liquidity. The Angels+ program gives emerging businesses the ability to offer their investors a clear pathway to a liquidity event within a reasonably short period of time – 2 years, without diluting their position. Angels+ not only makes an emerging business standout as a more attractive opportunity because of the mitigated time risk, but also helps to better position the emerging business for future investments, sooner, from the same investor.

    In both cases, Angels+ leverages DigitalAMN’s public securities, which is supported by the equity of those emerging businesses in DigitalAMN’s equity portfolio.

    You Have Wings Either Way!

    Weather your wings fly you to faster liquidity or to larger capital pools, either way, you are an “Angel” to someone. We invite any startup or development stage company looking for more capital to build a business, as well as any angel and early-stage investors looking to protect their investment with fast and early liquidity tools, to consider the Angels+ program through the DidgitalAMN growth ecosystem.Grab your Angels+ wings, let’s disrupt Angel investing

  • We simplify the search for seed and pre-seed capital and offer early-stage marketing services to introduce a startup’s product and service offering to a national or global market.An initial investment, directly from DigitalAMN or through our partnerships network, has potential to lead to mentorship services. Initial investments can range from $25,000 to $150,000.With Invest+ we make this seamless. Good ideas, however, are still up to you.Find your Invest+ funding opportunity
    • Who Benefits?

    * Angel and Early-Stage Investor

    As a nontraditional, specialized accelerator, DigitalAMN focuses on accelerating liquidity to investors. We believe doing this contributes to the overall acceleration of a startup or development stage company.

    Reverse Engineered

    What happens if you were not fortunate enough to invest in a startup or early-stage company that offered its investors Angels+ (liquidity access)?

    Do you simply sit around for the next 10 years pouting about your lack of liquidity?

    No! You contact DigitalAMN directly and request liquidity without having to sell all the equity in your original investment.

    Exchange Direct is essentially the Angels+ reversed engineered.

    Exchange Direct is designed to offer private investors the same type of liquidity options and investment mitigation tools they could have had, IF, the emerging business they originally invested in was a DigitalAMN client-company or portfolio-company. Knowing that angel and early-stage investors can wait 10 years or so to have their initial cash investment returned, Exchange Direct can unlock common liquidity roadblocks, even years after the original investment was made.

    This is accomplished through an exchange of securities and/or currencies, between DigitalAMN and private investors. This exchange yields two results: (i) liquidity for the for the private investor, and, (ii) increase to DigitalAMN’s equity portfolio of high-valued, fast-growth ventures.

    The transaction is designed to mimic Angels+, providing the investor with a liquidity structure like that which would have been obtained years earlier when the original investment was made. This meaning, that the

    investor can still have early access to their liquidity, while continuing to retain the majority of their equity in the private venture.

    Unlike Angels+ however, which cost the investor nothing to secure access to early liquidity and drastically reduces duration risk, Exchange Direct has a nominal charge to the investor. A small price, for a big gain.

    Its Never To Late For Early Liquidity!

    We invite any angel and early-stage investor, who is involved in a well curated, high-valued, fast-growth company operating for at least 2 years, and is looking for early liquidity, to consider the Exchange Direct program through the DigitalAMN growth ecosystem.

    Remember, its never to late for early liquidity. Just next time you plan to invest in an emerging venture, ask that the startup or development stage company of your choice, smartly considers Angels+ before you make your investment decision. This way, your liquidity tools are free and access to capital, 12 month earlier.

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