Mr. Ajene Watson

CEO, President and Chair

Role: Oversee the development and execution of the envisioned business model and strategy.

Mr. Ajene Watson has long been passionate about creating opportunity for everyday investors and underprivileged citizens. Having grown up in the Bronx, he developed a strong work ethic, and quickly found his way to becoming the youngest real estate appraisal analyst at the first company he worked for. While in his 20s, he joined the influential Ruby Group and discovered his passion for finance, and Wall Street in particular. In 2007, he launched Ajene Watson, LLC., a company that provided companies with the tools and resources required to reach investors and create attractive opportunities for growth.

As an entrepreneur, he was required to use all of his skills developed in prior employment (sales, marketing, product design, staff management, investor relations, and corporate finance), but he has also embraced the opportunity to continue learning as he has embraced the fusion of finance and technology in the rapidly evolving startup markets. He has surrounded himself with experts in software engineering, information technology, cryptography and cryptocurrencies, and angel investing, and has developed a unique understanding of the synergies between these different skill sets, which he employs in his current mission to bring opportunity to everyday investors.

As his drive to pursue technology and finance grew, he worked with his friends to create the concept of the world’s first Public Accelerator Incubator (PAI) company, which would allow retail investors with access to a diversified portfolio of expertly vetted startup companies in their early stages of growth. He is committed to improving startup financing for everyone involved— angel investors, retail investors, and of course innovative founders.

In addition to his goals to create more investment opportunity in early-stage startups, Mr. Watson is a passionate philanthropist and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) advocate. In his personal life, he has contributed to causes that improve access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for underprivileged youth, which he views as a direct contribution to making the world a better place.

Mr. Watsons Professional Evolution

Commercial R.E. Appraisal: Began as grunt taking pictures.  Youngest Analyst for partner fir to Dime Savings Bank.  Attended Rutgers University to obtain MAI Designation.  Became Executive Manager to R.E. Appraisal Firm, which was the preferred vendor for Crédit Lyonnais and Republic National Bank.  Responsibilities as Executive Manager included: (i) Subject Review Appraiser, (ii) Operations Manager and (iii) Employee Manager (small staff of 8 to 10 people).

Skills Acquired/Used: Navigation, photography, analytical processes, professional report writing, traditional red-line & black-line, editing and review, programming, services, and platforms product development, and staff manager.

Independent Record Label: Recruited as President to develop early 90’s Hip-Hop acts.

Skills Acquired/Used: Full music and video production, gorilla marketing, talent management, fundraising, business plan writing.

Entertainment Street Marketing Firm: Founder of ‘Gorilla Marketing’ street team for independent record labels, entertainment managers, event venues and nightclubs.

Skills Acquired/Used: Deal negotiations, multi-level marketing, advertorial and article writing, ad design.

Stock Lending: Recruited by the president of lending firm (formerly of David Lerner Associates), began as ‘Jr. Partner.’  Became a partner, growing firm to one of the more notable U.S. stock lending firms of the time/decade (1995 – 2005) – operating as an agent, client and primary lender.

Skills Acquired/Used: Research, sales (financial products and sales), financial product and services design, funding raising, strategic relationship building, education: SEC. Rule 144, Reg. T and U and Z and U.C.C.

Investment Agency Firm: Hired by Florida based agency firm, focused primarily on facilitating U.S. based stock lending and Reg. S fundings.   Hired as VP & Business Development Manager.  Primary focus was to build sales teams that sold firm’s services to Public Companies, Executives of public companies and Institutional type investors.

Skills Acquired/Used: Sale team management, financial product and services design, marketing, writing, education: SEC Reg. S.

Merchant Banking: Recruited to build and deploy regulatory compliant U.S. based stock lending products and agency services.  Acquired knowledge and ability to fund and/or facilitate: Block Trades, 504’s, Reg. A, investments into public companies through convertible debt instruments and factoring.  Introduced to IR, PR and Pub Co. Marketing

Skills Acquired/Used: Sale team management, staff management, research, financial product and services design, capital placement, restricted stock advisory, education: SEC Reg. A, Reg. D.

Business Management & Development Consulting Firm: Founder of advisory firm focused on developing operations at public companies.   As a tribute to mother, who passed in 2007, the firm’s mission was to positively impact public companies and their shareholders vs. strictly funding for ROI.  This would be accomplished by providing long-term consulting solutions to a lower volume of clients.   Over a decade, the consultancy firm has provided services to both public companies and private investors offering: Business Development Services (public and private companies), Direct Private Investment & Lending, Assisted Fund Raising for Pub Co’s, IR & PR Consulting, Capital Placement for Private Investors, and general business advisory for private investment groups.

Accelerator & Business Development Services: Co-Founded with a diverse team of business, FSI and startup professionals.  The businesses model is a culmination of 28 years of Watson’s vast professional experience in real estate, marketing, financial services, developing financial products and business development.  The mission is more evolved than AWLLC, focused on equitable opportunities for economic growth amongst entrepreneurs and everyday people looking to invest and gain financial literacy.   This is accomplished by creating an ecosystem that creates balance in global business opportunities leveraging proprietary business products, crowdfunding, Reg. A and Crypto Assets.

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