TruCrowd, Inc

Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+
A subsidiary of TruCrowd Funding, Inc., TruCrowd is a FINRA member, and the owner and operator of multiple funding portal brands. Established in 2013, TruCrowd prides itself of being one of the Top-10 rated funding portals leveraging the JOBS Act, and the preferred equity crowdfunding source for startups, entrepreneurs, emerging businesses and other funding portals, such as Startengine, Inc..

TruCrowd Services, LLC.

Marketing & Communication, Crowdfunding Strategy Consulting
A subsidiary of DigitalAMN, TCS is a full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in crowdfund marketing, as per the JOBS Act, which includes, Reg A+ and Reg CF offerings. TCS manages the RegAboost brand and works in collaboration with other marketing firms within its network, such as Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC.


Members-Only, private, high-net-worth investor club
Founded in NYC in 2014, Goldfingr is the modern paradigm of social clubs – a think tank, quasi-incubator, and socially conscious business accelerator. The Company focuses on its network of ‘Members-Only’, private, high-net-worth investor clubs, who are seeking new investments among a broad range of categories. Chapters are located through the World and events are held monthly. Its technology, however, offers the general public access to participate in Deal Club Summits, which increases an entrepreneurs’ visibility to a broader audience of investors and new customers.

Fund The 99, LLC (“Fund99”)

Accelerator and business development services
Fund The 99, LLC (“Fund99”) A collaborative effort between the Mass Ideation Agency, Wall Street Bound, and Social Impact Ventures, to provide accelerator and business development services to startups and development stage companies, through the DigitalAMN Ecosystem. Fund99 is also focused on empowering minorities, women and underrepresented investors and entrepreneurs.

Mass Ideation Agency

Media and software design
Mass Ideation is a specialized technology agency for digital media and software design. Mass Ideation is also a founder of MetaBronx, a startup accelerator located in the Bronx, NY. MetaBronx runs an entrepreneurship education program for Bronx neighborhood youth that matches students with startups and development stage companies operated by women and minority founders within the tech industry.

Wall Street Bound, Inc.

Charitable organization
Wall Street Bound is a charitable organization developed to address the lack of diversity in finance and increase minority participation in the capital markets.

Social Impact Ventures

Advisory services
Social Impact Ventures provides hands-on advisory services to social enterprises, corporations, and investors / founders.

Vezt, Inc.

Vezt is the first intellectual property rights ecosystem where fans can participate in the royalties of their favorite songs and videos.

First Bitcoin Capital

Pioneer in cryptocurrency
First Bitcoin Capital is headed by Dr. Greg Rubin, considered a pioneer in cryptocurrency and blockchain development. The Company is creating an ecosystem of like-minded companies looking to increase education and economic justice in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

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