“The only dumb question is the question you don’t ask”

Paul MacCready

  • Who can I talk to if I have questions?

You can chat with a human by calling 718.285.6378 or emailing info@digitalamn.com.

  • Do I pay fees to DigitalAMN for investing in Reg. CF or Reg. A+?

No. You do not pay any fees to DigitalAMN.  

  • What do I get when I invest in Reg. CF or Reg. A+?

Your investment buys shares in startups and development stage companies.

  • Is DigitalAMN a crowdfunding company?

No, we are a hybrid accelerator that incorporates securities crowdfunding as part of our business development model.  

  • How does DigitalAMN leverage crowdfunding?

As part of our acceleration business model, we support everyday people pursue their entrepreneurial dreams or access investment opportunities by leveraging Titles III and IV of the JOBS Act.  Using Reg. CF and Reg. A+, we are able to assist our client and portfolio companies raise money by listing them on funding portals such as www.trucrowd.com, www.Fundanna.com and others.  Likewise, we bring these opportunities to everyday people, giving them the opportunity to financially participate in amazing companies when they are affordable.

  • How can I invest directly in DigitalAMN?

Either by (i) purchasing common stock in the public markets by way of a broker dealer, or, (ii) accredited investors can make private investments directly into the Company.

  • How can I invest?
  1. In DigitalAMN: typically though an online broker-dealer
  2. In DigitalAMN Client-Companies: Mainly online using one of our partner portals: truCrowd, Musicfy, Fundanna and/or Cryptolaunch.  Accredited and Angel investors can contact DigitalAMN or the client-company directly to inquire about other investment methods.
  • What is Regulation Equity Crowdfunding (Reg. CF)?

The process of ‘the crowd’ investing in a company in exchange for equity (shares).

  • How do I know if I can invest?

American residents over the age of 18 may be eligible. Your specific ability would be determined by the securities laws in each state. Campaigns will be marked if there are exclusions.

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