Introducing PAI
the first Public Accelerator-Incubator
A unique ecosystem that fosters equitable growth for investors and entrepreneurs. Independent of industry, race or income. Investors Entrepreneurs
Early access to investments and financial education Entrepreneurs Investors Easier access to capital and business development programs Investors Entrepreneurs

How we do it

Entrepreneurs often need assistance either launching an idea, getting over the ‘Valley of Death’, or scaling their operating business. We assist our client-companies using tried-and-true acceleration methods designed to further a company’s growth at nearly any stage.
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Business Development
DigitalAMN provides functional expertise to both the startup industry and the microcap space, which includes: Capital formation, Operations and business growth, Marketing and communications, Finance, Compliance, Mergers and acquisitions, Strategic partnerships.
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Financial Resources
As a supplement to our capital formation services, DigitalAMN further aids entrepreneurs in the form of Short-Term, Non-Convertible Loans, Investments and Follow-on Investments
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Capital Formation
We help entrepreneurs raise up to $100M by leveraging ‘the crowd’ via equity crowdfunding – as per the JOBS Act (Reg. CF, Reg. A+ and Reg. D (506 C and 506 B)).
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Marketing & Communication
In addition to the various financial services we facilitate the marketing, communications and advertising necessary to effectively leverage ‘the crowd’ (via equity crowdfunding or Regulation Crowdfunding) to raise money.
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Who we are

DigitalAMN is a hybrid accelerator that provides economic growth, social empowerment and financial literacy to everyone involved.

Built in response to a rapidly changing business landscape, the PAI ecosystem offers both entrepreneurs and investors new ways of growing wealth.

While conventional accelerators rely on standard models and small groups of investors, we have chosen a more forward approach, focused on customization and inclusivity.

Modern office building in a big city
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Why DigitalAMN

The first public accelerator-incubator

Multiple funding and financing options

Strong network of founders, mentors, and industry partners

Supporting minority entrepreneurs and investors 

Flexible liquidity terms for investors

Access to large pools of retail investors

Flexible model, tailored to specific needs

Free access to educational resources 


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