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Startups and development stage companies have access to funding and business development services.

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Everyday People

Wealth building tools for everyday people. Now, owning your fair share is simple.

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Angel Investors

Angel and early-stage investors can now get fast liquidity from their private investments, in less than 24 months, without diluting the equity stake in the private ventures they invest in.

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What our clients have to say

  • 2 Common Startup Issues + How DigitalAMN Can Help

    The crowdfunding industry is expected to reach $93 billion by 2025. Securing Funding In today’s business climate, a large portion of startup founders and entrepreneurs remain severely underfunded. This burden falls mostly on the shoulders of women and minorities who watch 98% of VC funding go into the pockets of men. Predominantly white guys, but...

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  • Equity Crowdfunding: A Budding American Success Story

    When someone hears the word crowdfunding, they typically think of a Kickstarter campaign for medical bills or pre-ordering a trinket that may or may not ever arrive. Now, everyone can invest in the future of business. Timing is critical Startups in the equity crowdfunding space tend to be quite early-stage, and therefore carry a higher...

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  • Equity Crowdfunding - The Perfect Pairing For the Venture Capital Ecosystem

    Please pass the bread basket Equity crowdfunding is the perfect appetizer to pair with the entrée of venture capitalism. Venture’s are often looking for small companies they can scale to massive profitability, and generally, startups that complete an equity crowdfunding round, have in effect been vetted, by the everyday people that make up the crowd...

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