DigitalAMN’s Secondary Disclosures—not to be confused with our Financial Disclosures (regulatory filings)—offer the marketplace and DATI shareholders further transparency. The intent is to inform readers of certain activities DigitalAMN has, or is taking (with respect to said company), which could have regulatory impact on DigitalAMN and/or that particular company.

DigitalAMN’s Secondary Disclosures are made on both Public and Private companies.

DigitalAMN’s Secondary Disclosures do NOT indicate that a given company is either a Client-Company or contributes to our DAMN Equity Portfolio

DigitalAMN’s Secondary Disclosures are not a regulatory requirement.

TruCrowd, Inc.
Vezt, Inc.
JAM Compass
OpenVision Labs
Meso Numismatics – OTC:MSSV
OrgHarvest – OTC:ORGH

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