We’re Gonna Invest in Project JAM – JAM Compass

We’re Gonna Invest in Project JAM – JAM Compass

Big industry news, Spotify has purchased SoundBetter, a production marketplace similar to our most recent music client-company, Project JAM. Project JAM, Inc. Justice For All Musicians (“JAM”) is a blockchain component, social media platform, focused on bringing fairness and transparency to the music industry.

Through working with our Angels+ client, Vezt Inc., – which continues to exceed expectations – it became clear that JAM had the ability to shine (bright like a diamond). So, we made it official and signed JAM on as a DigitalAMN client-company. Then, it got better…  

Spotify acquired SoundBetter.

With that bombshell, it would be foolish not to bring JAM into DATI’s equity-portfolio, providing our shareholders with this early-stage opportunity.

SoundBetter, which has approximately 180K+ users, generates millions of dollars in monthly transactions. We expect that JAM could potentially perform similarly. JAM supports a more robust social platform with the On-Demand feature and JAM’s management team has an impressive reach within the music industry. We believe that JAM has excellent potential to effortlessly top 180K users. And, with the use of the smart contract/payment system offered by the platform, users will experience the trust and transparency firsthand – something that the industry has been lacking.

Following an initial investment from Faze Blaze, we are thrilled for DigitalAMN to also become one of the first investors in Project JAM. We plan to pull the trigger on this quickly, and trust more will follow the lead.  

We’re Gonna Hit Another High Note by Investing In Project JAM!

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