About Us

We’re a team passionate about helping underfunded startups use the crowd to secure their shot at the American dream. 

DigitalAMN is invested in building generational wealth for people of all economic backgrounds.


98% of venture capital funding goes to a homogeneous group *cough cough* which leaves too many important ideas floundering. That’s why we’re hellbent on changing the ratio in the startup world with tools and services to democratize securing a seat at the table.

This means that an entirely new set of people can own equity in early stage startups, any of which could become the next ‘unicorn.’ 🦄


The DigitalAMN ecosystem connects entrepreneurs with investors, markets their startup, and helps close deals. Instead of having to trade through a broker, people can now use Federally-regulated online portals to begin their investing experience.

There’s strength in numbers.

Our Team

Mr. Ajene Watson CEO, President, and Chair

Mr. John Romano Senior VP and Executive Director

Mr. Greg Thorpe, Esq. General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mr. Robert Menendez Managing Director, Board/Exec Advisor

Mr. Donald Cleary VP of Crypto Development and Services

Mr. Leroy Gordon Acting CTO

Ms. Teresa Misenheimer Controller and Board/Executive Advisor