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What we do

DigitalAMN is a new hybrid accelerator that combines multiple services such as acceleration, incubation, marketing, business development and capital formation, in one ecosystem.

How it all started

In the years DigitalAMN founder Ajene Watson spent trading in the OTC marketplace, he witnessed how the prevailing capital funding industry framework has benefitted only a privileged few. 

Entrepreneurs with valuable ideas have been neglected while underrepresented investors with the capital to help them have long been ignored by the flawed system. 

He founded DigitalAMN to change that.


There are three things that deny many of wealth-building opportunities:

The lack of opportunity for small investors to participate in high-valued, high-growth startups from the beginning.

The need for flexible liquidity terms for angel and early-stage investors participating in startups.

The insufficiency of key investor readiness programs to prepare startups to attract investors and get the necessary investments

A new path forward

As the first Public Accelerator Incubator, DigitalAMN aims to level the playing field by democratizing the startup acceleration model.

To provide everyone a seat at the table, the PAI ecosystem utilizes multiple access to funding, skills development, and other tools for success. 

This means that an entirely new set of people – non-millionaires – can own equity in early stage companies; any of which could become the next ‘unicorn’ owned by an overlooked set of entrepreneurs.

With creation of the Public Acceleration Incubator ecosystem, DigitalAMN is initiating a seismic shift in modern business development.

Our mission

Assisting people of all economic backgrounds and angels establish and build generational wealth by owning a piece of the  businesses we help.

Most Americans are oblivious to wealth building opportunities because they are excluded from the traditional Wall St. investment process by virtue of simply not being financially ‘good enough.’

That’s why we’re hellbent on changing the ratio in the startup world with practical tools and services to democratize securing a seat at the table. This means that an entirely new set of people – non-millionaires – can own equity in early stage companies; any of which could become the next ‘unicorn’ 🦄 owned by an overlooked set of entrepreneurs.

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Ajene Watson
CEO, DigitalAMN

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