The DigitalAMN approach

Our Public Accelerator-Incubator ecosystem nurtures an environment where economic opportunity is afforded to founders, angel investors and everyday people.

What makes up the PAI ecosystem?

Accelerator specialists

Seasoned entrepreneurs, finance experts, and other industry leaders make up the core of this strategic group that helps early-stage companies perfect their business model and grow.

Communications specialists

Skilled creatives help develop, execute, and monitor growth-oriented marketing programs for companies raising capital through Regulation Crowdfunding, Regulation A+ and Reg. D.

FINRA-regulated equity crowdfunding portals

Specialized in the Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+ arena, our equity crowdfunding platforms allow businesses to raise capital from a growing base of retail investors.

Business development specialists

Data-driven and results-oriented, our analysts help identify opportunities and assist in optimizing business strategies for further growth.

A Members-Only, global private investor network platform

An exclusive membership club that connects successful investors and high potential companies from around the world.

How does the PAI ecosystem work for entrepreneurs?

  • Through PAI, startups and emerging companies get the necessary business support services to grow.
  • PAI provides business support and management consulting services in a founder’s startup or development stage company. 
  • The startup is then provided assistance in Acceleration, Business Management Consulting, Marketing, Capital Formation and communication management.
  • Capital is loaned to the company over a 3-month period to aid the launch of a crowdfunding campaign via equity crowdfunding. 
  • Additional assistance is provided in terms of business development, covering scaling and sustainability, and Reg. A+ / S-1 Offerings.
  • Continued support in the Reg. A+ phase, starting from the pre-launch marketing until the successful raise 
  • Executive Review
  • Approval
  • DigitalAMN Loan
  • Pre-launch Marketing
  • Communication
  • Reg CF Onboarding
Reg. CF capital raise
  • Retail Investors 
  • Goldfinger
  • Repay Loan to DigitalAMN
  • Business Development Consulting 
  • Networking
Reg. A capital raise
  • Onboarding
  • Pre-Launch
  • Capital Raise

How does the PAI ecosystem work for investors?

  • Angel investors and underrepresented investors are able to participate and benefit from an entrepreneur’s short-term and long-term business success.
  • Retail investors are given access to high-valued, high-growth startups via equity crowdfunding. 
  • Angel and early-stage investors participating in startups are given flexible liquidity terms. Instead of the usual 5-10+ years, investors can get liquidity within 24 months.

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