Coffee Talk

DigitalAMN Looks to Invest and Ally with ‘Members Only’ Goldfingr Investment Network

March 31, 2020

I am thrilled to be rounding the bases on a negotiation to align DigitalAMN with an inspiring and unique ‘Members Only’ private investment network, Goldfingr – through an investment that will add value to our equity portfolio while engendering an important relationship anticipated to strengthen the ethos of DigitalAMN and broaden the capability of our…

Regulation Crowdfunding: Proposed Increase from $1.07M to $5M Supports DigitalAMN’s Revenue and Cash Flow Models

March 16, 2020

Among our many services, DigitalAMN provides entrepreneurs with money to onboard, launch and market their equity crowdfunding campaigns. Perhaps more importantly, DigitalAMN offers startups and development stage companies money during Reg. CF’s version of the ‘valley of death’; the dreaded 3-6 month period it typically takes for a crowdfunding campaign to begin effectively and successfully…

DigitalAMN’s Ongoing Support of the JOBS Act Paying Off: Investment In Equity Crowdfunding Continues to Add Value to DATI’s Portfolio

March 5, 2020

Anticipated Valuation Report to Reflect A Possible Jump In Value Back in February 2019, we reported that our equity portfolio value increased in excess of an estimated 15x, following a series of successful investments into TruCrowd, Inc. (“truCrowd”).   Since DigitalAMN’s initial investment in truCrowd, the platform has seen tremendous growth in its user base –…