Equity Crowdfunding

Raise Up To $1,070,000 per year

Proposed increase to $5M per year anticipated to go into effect soon.

Equity Crowdfunding leverages the collective efforts of family, friends and everyday people [future customers, partners and private investors globally], to raise capital for startups and development stage companies. 

The most important aspect of Equity Crowdfunding [under Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF)], is the opportunity it provides for everyday people, to participate in early development of high-value, fast-growth companies, as bona-fide ‘angel’ investors. This includes non-accredited and low-income earners, as well as those ‘well-off’ accredited individuals, who may not have access to early investment opportunities. 

Key Benefits of Equity Crowdfunding:

  1. Startups and development stage companies can raise up to $1,070,000, annually;
  2. Anyone can now own equity in high-value, fast-growth companies, possible investing as little as $10;
  3. Startups and development stage companies can simultaneously market and sell their products/services to early adopters, inexpensively, and;
  4. Startups and development stage companies can quickly diversify their investor base, ultimately broadening marketplace visibility.

Equity Crowdfunding supports our ideology of providing every person with an opportunity to achieve wealth.

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