How to Hire and Retain Tech Talent

July 24, 2020

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Competition in the tech industry increases every year, and this affects the hiring department. Tech companies have come up with inventive ways to attract the best talent and keep them. Companies like Google started this revolution by offering facilities like nap rooms at the office and pet-friendly environments. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to provide the same things, you should still offer some excellent benefits to attract high-quality professionals. In this article, employers can see how they can hire and retain tech talent. 

How to Hire the Best

  1. Be Flexible about Requirements

One of the paths that people follow to become a tech professional is to enroll in a college course and get a bachelor’s degree. However, this choice is expensive and requires years of dedication. If tech professionals are already scarce, the ones with bachelor’s degrees are even more so. For that reason, employers should be more flexible when assessing requirements for open job positions. 

Nowadays, many tech professionals don’t have any college degrees—some of them are self-taught or graduates of coding bootcamps. The latter, especially, has become trending in the tech industry because it enables students to learn all the necessary skills in a quicker and more cost-effective manner. As an employer, you should keep in mind that the most vital requirement is that potential employees can demonstrate experience relevant to the job they are applying for. 

  1. Get Assistance from Your Current Employees

A good option when looking for talent to hire is by asking for recommendations from your existing employees. Generally, your employees will have an extensive network of tech professionals that they can spread the news of job opportunities to. Some companies provide some kind of incentives for employees who recommend other tech professionals. Also, doing some sort of marketing strategy with videos like “a day in the life” of some of your employees will go a long way in attracting top tech talent. Your current employees might just be your best publicists.

  1. Expand Your Horizon

Some employers concentrate on finding tech talents who are located only in the places where they have physical offices, but that could be a mistake (especially now). With the shortage of tech professionals, you should be open to hiring from anywhere else in the country, or even the world! A possible downside of hiring someone that lives in another city is that you will spend a little more money on relocating them. However, for a tech professional with the right skills, it could be worth it. Additionally, take into consideration that many tech professionals today prefer to work remotely and some will even accept a slightly lower salary for this chance. So, why limit yourself?

How to Retain Your Employees

  1. Competitive Benefits

Most companies offer incredible benefits to try and retain their talent in the competitive tech industry. Nowadays, some benefits have become almost mundane that tech professionals have come to expect them when looking for a job. These benefits include wellness programs that give gym memberships or massages at the office, family services like in vitro or adoption aid, student debt reimbursement, and many others. 

These benefits vary for each company. The point is to offer extra benefits that will make a tech professional excited to stay working for you. Also, competitive salaries are a must to keep your workers happy. What is already prevalent in the tech industry is to offer an environment which includes having flexible working hours and locations. Most tech professionals also love to have autonomy in their projects, so consider giving them some liberty and trust to make job-related decisions. 

  1. Work with the Latest Tech

Tech professionals are generally individuals with a strong passion for tech in general. So it is only reasonable that they want to work with the best technology available. New tech will make their job more enjoyable and allow them to keep their skills sharp. Employing the latest tech tools in your company will also mean better results for your projects and keep your business competitive in the market. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

  1. Cultivate a Positive Work Culture

Nobody wants to work in a place where they don’t feel comfortable or appreciated. Employees love to work with companies that allow them to have excellent work-life balance. They also like to know they are heard, so companies that accept their employees’ opinions and ideas make them feel part of the team. Employees have to practice open communication so every member of the team will work together toward achieving the same goals. Another thing that employees look for is suitable learning environments. They like companies that encourage learning new things through training programs, mentorship relationships, and so on. 

  1. Career Opportunities and Development

More than half of tech professionals leave their job because they feel they don’t have enough development opportunities. When employees see they can grow in the company and reach leadership positions, they are more likely to stay. Plus, it is easier and cheaper for the company to fill an open managerial role with an existing employee who has shown exemplary performance. Besides career opportunities, employees also look for the option to learn new skills. Many companies offer training programs or yearly learning incentives. Companies like Google or Adobe, for instance, offer educational stipends so staff can continuously upgrade personal and professional skills. 

In summary

Some tech professionals are hard to find. Companies should take various approaches to hire and retain them. Offering competitive benefits and salary will attract competent professionals, and giving them options to grow in their careers will help gain their loyalty. Remember that your current employees are basically the company’s ambassadors so use their experience to attract new workers. When assessing a candidate, be flexible with things like requirements and location, and focus on more important aspects like skills and experience.

Given the devastating effect the coronavirus has had on the job market, we know that many people are currently searching for new opportunities and careers. If you’re considering a career switch to tech, now is the time to break into the industry. Plus, tech is desperately in need of diverse voices and fresh talent. Reach out to CareerKarma for more information.

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