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We are looking for well deserving businesses and startups that need just the right push to get to the next level. We are seeking entrepreneurs who are solving problems and building companies that encompass a great vision, not just for their business, but for the clientele and communities they aim to serve.


Our PAI ecosystem specializes in helping entrepreneurs with raising capital, marketing and communications, and business development, which includes strategic partnerships, business support services, mergers, and acquisitions, and more.

Your nominated business, if chosen, can get a professional consultation, guidance, and entrepreneurial support from the industry leaders, analysts, mentors, high net worth investors and finance experts within our PAI Ecosystem.

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The Strategic Business Analysis Package

Get an extensive analysis of every facet of your business, such as your branding, management team, services and products, market, target audience, competition, website, online reputation, and social media presence. We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to make you a better company.

The Capital Advisor Package

Get sound advice from the industry’s leading finance professionals in the PAI ecosystem. Should you need capital backing or other financial support, we’ll help you determine which funding option is best for your business. From loans, seed capital from Angel investors, equity crowdfunding, and even direct investment from DigitalAMN.

The Marketing Package

Get the most up-to-date strategies in communications and marketing from experts in the PAI ecosystem. Learn current SEO techniques, proper use of the latest social media marketing platforms, online tools and email marketing. We aim to bring awareness to your brand, increase traffic to your site, increase sales, raise money and generally boost your connection with your target audience.

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