PAI Model


  1. Public Accelerator-Incubator – A PAI holds the private equity in multiple high-valued startups and early-stage development companies in a public portfolio that is generally affordable by everyday people. Through the investment in the PAI’s public equity, everyday people have an additional way to participate in the ownership of private startups, and, have immediate access to liquidity, dividends and gains.

We generate liquidity for angel investors through public vehicles without waiting for the startup to work through the development, growth and liquidity event phases. In as early as 24-months, our angel investors can begin assessing liquidity through the DigitalAMN Public Accelerator Incubator, recouping the money invested in a startup.

PAI shareholders subsequently become beneficiaries of each transaction DigitalAMN completes with a startup; gaining an equity position in each startup. As the basket of equity created from the portfolio of startups grows, the stock valuation of Digital Arts increases. With each startup added, the likelihood of shareholders having equity in the next Snapchat, Uber, or Facebook increases.

it’s now possible for investors of all sizes to get in on the next big startup company