Financial Resources

While our Capital Formation services help to facilitate as much as $100M in capital raises for our client-companies (startup or development stage), often, they require additional capital to get over smaller hurdles as they push forward to the next level.

Therefore, as a supplement to our capital formation services, DigitalAMN further aids entrepreneurs in the form of Short-Term, Non-Convertible Loans, Investments and Follow-on Investments; particularly for those businesses accepted into the PAI Ecosystem as a client-company. 

Immediate Cash

DigitalAMN provides client-companies accessing our capital formation services, with the money needed to execute an equity crowdfunding raise (as per the JOBS Act) and a marketing campaign, by providing Short-term, Non-Convertible Loans, traditionally in the amount of $85,000. This amount covers the cost of:

  • Funding portal onboarding (portal costs, legal & compliance, accounting, and TA)
  • Pre-launch Campaign (marketing, advertising and communications)
  • Campaign launch (initial cost for full marketing, advertising, and communications)

NOTE: These short-term loans DO NOT convert into equity and are repaid as the client-company raises money, typically within 90-days of the campaign’s launch.

Intermediate Cash

While an entrepreneur is raising money through our Capital Formation services, DigitalAMN may invest directly into a client-company, to assist with continuing operations and/or transitory periods where additional capital is needed. These investments result in equity and typically do not exceed $300k.

Follow-on Investment

For those client-companies who are already portfolio companies, if and when viable, DigitalAMN will look to provide subsequent capital infusions. These particular investments result in equity and typically do not exceed $300k. 

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Ajene Watson
CEO, DigitalAMN

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