Coffee Talk: Charting New Paths – DigitalAMN’s Strategic Position in a Diversified Landscape

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In recent social posts, New Frontiers and Secret Sauce, we presented the story of DigitalAMN’s strengthening position in its competitive landscape. My recent debriefing of “THE STREET REPORTS” podcast, has made clear our approach seems to transcend traditional roles in both Diversified Financial Services and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations. And while we’re just spreading our wings, we’re still able to project how we compare with established players like Federated Hermes, Artisan Partners, as well as dynamic innovators like 500 Startups and MassChallenge. 

How so? Well, since we operate a cross-industry operational model, our competitors uniquely fall within two primary categories: (a) Diversified Financial Services, and (b) Entrepreneurial Support Organizations. Examples of this competitive landscape include (not limited to):  

  1. Diversified Financial Services: (i) Federated Hermes, Inc., (ii) Artisan Partners Asset Management, (iii) Affiliated Managers Group, Inc., and (iv) BrightSphere Investment Group.  
  1. Entrepreneurial Support Organizations: (i) 500 Startups, (ii) MassChallenge, (iii) Microsoft Accelerator, (iv) Google Launchpad Accelerator, (v) Dreamit, and (vi) SOSV.

However, our key differentiator, as briefly examined in CT #1 Embracing Evolution and CT #2 Unveiling the Scope, is our unique value proposition. While not just competing in these spaces, we are actively establishing new avenues for acquisition and acceleration, which in turn set the stage for DATI’s future collaboration and M&As with these very same companies. Within the Diversified Financial Services marketplace, our PAI® program and ecosystem is certainly a game changer.  However, it serves not only as a component of our strategy, but also the heart of our innovative approach. The PAI®, and corresponding programs such as our suite of Angels+ ® products, enable us to efficiently acquire high-value assets at fair to low prices, mitigate typical investment risks, and empower a diverse group of entrepreneurs and investors while increasing our visibility as an attractive partner for both holding companies, other financial organizations, and major entrepreneurial accelerators. 

Reflecting on “THE STREET REPORTS” podcast and our journey to date, the financial value and strategic potential of our PAI® program are clear. We’re not only poised for substantial growth, with successful operations of the PAI® division presumed; we’re also strategically positioning DATI to benefit from profitable exits as part of our model. This capability, alone, makes DigitalAMN, a potentially valuable and attractive asset target within our diverse industry sectors.  

I believe it is important that our stakeholders comprehend the make-up of our competitive landscape to grasp fully, the M&A potential that DigitalAMN could ultimately achieve. And surprisingly, this value isn’t a result of the potential growth and exits from companies within our Digital Asset Management (DAM) division, such as the licensed Top-Level Domain registry, Dot Hip Hop, LLC. Nor is it from the potential value increase we’ll achieve in our portfolio stemming from  the rapid growth of Business Management and Administration (BMA) clients like crypto ATM patent holder and operator, Bullet Blockchain, Inc. Interestingly enough, a study of our financial projections reveals that nearly 60% of future revenue and over 80% of future asset acquisition, will  derive from our PAI® division and explains precisely why the full rollout and operation of the PAI® program and ecosystem is our focus this year. 

Friends, as we continue to redefine the business sectors in which we operate, and create lucrative opportunities for DATI stakeholders, our journey centers around portfolio growth, while leading a movement towards innovative, value-driven and impactful investments. So, as always, we invite you to ‘walk with us’ on this journey and join Coffee Talk today at to discover more about our vision and approach.

See for yourself why DigitalAMN is more than just a company; it’s a movement. Because everyone deserves a piece of the DAMN PAI®!   

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