CoffeeTalk: Embracing Evolution – How DigitalAMN’s Enhanced Understanding Shaped Our Corporate Identity

We’re certainly evolving at DigitalAMN! Today’s Coffee Talk focuses on a pivotal aspect of our journey—the refinement of our corporate profiles and ‘About Us’ descriptions.  

Why Pivotal? 

This evolution, sparked by our in-depth investor engagement during the tail-end of 2023 for the $7.5M Reg. D offering this 2024, represents more than just a deeper understanding of our business model.  It represents a strategic realignment that reinforces the significance of our value proposition to stakeholders and the market at large. 

As we’ve navigated the dynamic landscape of investment, business advisory, and accelerator-incubation services, our understanding of our role, methodologies, and their significance has profoundly matured. You might recall how DigitalAMN initially emerged as a hybrid advisory firm, predominantly emphasizing the accelerator-incubator aspect of our PAI® model. However, our journey has unveiled a broader spectrum of our impact.  

We’re not merely an advisory firm; we’re a diversified investment operating company (“DIOC”)—think Federated Hermes, Artisan Partners Asset Management, Affiliated Managers Group, or the BrightSphere Investment Group.  But unique to typical DIOCs, we have innovated a way to seamlessly harmonize Value Investing with Social Impact Investing, weaving these principles into the fabric of our asset acquisition business model. This profound realization evolved through deep introspection, meaningful market interactions, and the observable impact of our initiatives.  This new awareness has reshaped our understanding of our place in the investment world across both the Diversified Financial Services and Entrepreneurial Support Organization, marketplaces. 

I believe our new corporate narrative encapsulates our mission to build a robust portfolio of high-value businesses and assets, acquired at cheap to fair prices, while also promoting economic and social change.  This holistic approach is evident in the synergistic nature of our three operational divisions: PAI®, Business Management & Administration (BMA), and Digital Asset Management (DAM). 

The shift in our corporate language from focusing solely on the ‘activities’ of the PAI®’ model to embracing a more comprehensive identity, which speaks to the greater ‘value proposition of PAI®’, along with the BMA and DAM divisions, aligns with our evolved understanding. We’re not just accelerating and incubating ideas, or simply empowering everyday entrepreneurs and undervalued investors.  We’re innovating risk mitigation methods for investing in private equity, fostering equitable access to the capital markets, and acquiring businesses below market prices. 

The evolution in our corporate profile and “About Us” is more than just a change in wording. It’s a reflection of our growth, our enhanced understanding of our role in the ecosystems of both Diversified Financial Services and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations, and our commitment to driving “equity” in the broader socioeconomic landscape. 

Friends, as DigitalAMN continues to grow and evolve, our corporate narrative will undoubtedly adapt… as it should.  However, there is one thing that will always remain constant at DigitalAMN, and/or any other PAI® that might emerge from DigitalAMN—our dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and investors, while creating long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders

Walk with us on this journey of innovation, empowerment, and impact.  Join Coffee Talk today to stay abreast of how we’re progressing and making a difference. 

Read the NEW “About Us” & Corporate Profiles below 

NEW: About Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.   

Digital Asset Monetary Network (DigitalAMN) is a diversified investment operating company, that merges the principles of Value Investing and Social Impact Investing, to build a robust portfolio of high-value businesses and other assets, while promoting economic and social change. DigitalAMN operates three divisions, with the core being the PAI® (Public Accelerator-Incubator). The PAI® gives ‘everyday’ entrepreneurs and investors equitable access to the capital markets, while mitigating common investment risks for angels and early-stage investors through its proprietary suite of Angels+® products. The Company focuses on development-stage ventures valued between $10M-$100M, providing them with capital formation and advisory services.   

*Please Note: This will be used in all of the PR’s going forward. 

NEW: Corporate & Business Profile [Snapshot]   

DigitalAMN is a diversified investment operating company (“DIOC”) that merges the principals of Value Investing and Social Impact Investing to build a robust portfolio of high-value development stage businesses and other assets, valued between $10M-$100M, through a proprietary, trademarked ecosystem that accelerates, educates, and empowers undervalued, ‘everyday’ entrepreneurs and investors, while mitigating common investment risk for angels and early-stage investors.   

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