Coffee Talk: Dot Hip Hop’s Partnership with GoDaddy – Further Empowering Hip Hop Culture Around the World

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Today, I’m happy to share that our portfolio company, Dot Hip Hop, LLC (“Dot Hip Hop”), announced yesterday that it had achieved a major milestone by securing an important relationship with GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar! That’s right! GoDaddy is now on Dot Hip Hop’s list of accredited partners accepting domain registrations for the .hiphop domain name extension. 

After a year of effort, Dot Hip Hop, a domain registry that holds the license to develop and operate the domain extension, .hiphop (“.HipHop”), has finalized a deal with GoDaddy to now offer the .HipHop domain extension to GoDaddy’s global customer base. This partnership is a significant milestone for Dot Hip Hop, as it will enable the registry to reach a wider audience and expand the use of the .HipHop extension. This partnership will also empower individuals and businesses to establish a unique and authentic online presence that reflects their passion for Hip Hop culture.  

The .HipHop domain extension was created to serve the global Hip Hop community. Comprised of activists, artists, musicians, DJs, dancers, producers, politicians, entrepreneurs, the fans and more, the communities and culture of Hip Hop has been growing steadily for the past 49 years — soon to see its 50th Anniversary, this August 11th, 2023. By Dot Hip Hop teaming up with GoDaddy, .HipHop is making it easier than ever for members of this worldwide cultural community to connect and interact with each other around the world. 

According to the Dot Hip Hop press release, Paul Nicks, GoDaddy’s President of Domains, sees this partnership as a way to showcase the possibilities of domain name extensions. He stated, “The .HipHop domain name really showcases the possibilities with domain name extensions. It is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to establish a unique and authentic online presence that reflects their passion for Hip Hop culture.” And you know what, we couldn’t agree more!  

This partnership with GoDaddy is a tremendous opportunity for the Hip Hop community to exhibit their passion and creativity to the world. With the .HipHop domain extension, individuals and businesses can now promote their brand and services within the community, connect with like-minded individuals, and show their love for Hip Hop. This new partnership is a big step forward in the advancement of Hip Hop culture online (Web2/Web3), and in returning the power of ownership ‘back to the people.’  

Ya know… I remember last year in May [2022], where Mr. Nicks and I had a private and detailed discussion about the importance of a Dot Hip Hop / GoDaddy relationship. He was frank, sincere, and honest about the level of difficulty in getting this done. Yet, he was reassuring in that he understood the importance this relationship would bear on the Hip Hop culture and the many minority communities that identify with Hip Hop in America and around the world. So, as I stated in this same press release, I’d like to thank GoDaddy for understanding the plight of the communities comprising Hip Hop and being a supporter of the culture.” This is, for sure, another big day for Hip Hop as we now move to take over the online universe! Heck… As we now move to “Take Back Our Future!” 

Once again, none of this would be possible without a very capable team, which we’ve previously discussed the importance of having for any startup to succeed. In Dot Hip Hop’s ability to solidify this deal with GoDaddy, they have proven once more to be a good example of a solid team. It is nice to see that their hard work and persistence has paid off with this GoDaddy partnership. We at DigitalAMN are proud to be one of the two principal partners in Dot Hip Hop. We certainly look forward to seeing the continued success and growth of the .HipHop domain extension. 

Great Work Guys! 😊  

That’s all for today’s Coffee Talk! We’ll be back soon with more updates and news from DigitalAMN, our clients and our portfolio companies!   

In the meantime, if you’re interested in obtaining a piece of HipHop culture through the ownership of a .HipHop domain name, please visit or any of their accredited registrar partners, including GoDaddy, for assistance.  

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