3 Cannabis equity crowdfunding companies to watch in 2018

Cannabis is poised to become a monster industry, opportunity abounds for accredited and non-accredited investors. Through equity crowdfunding, all classes of investors can participate in the cannabis industry. Fundanna, DigitalAMN portfolio company, is the first regulation crowdfunding platform exclusive for a range of ancillary cannabis businesses in the United States. With Fundanna, everyone has the right to invest in cannabis companies they believe in. Here are three top picks to watch:

Gulf Coast Canna Meds

The founders of Gulf Coast Canna Meds are a group of everyday Americans – military vet, massage therapist, an oncologist and more. These people are at the forefront of witnessing the suffering caused by untreated chronic pain, PTSD and overprescription of opioids. The team at Gulf Coast Canna Meds understands how cannabis can improve the quality of life for users, with minimal to no side effects. Based out of Florida, Gulf Coast Canna Meds aims to have a constructive impact on their community, learn more about how they are a Social Enterprise.

Blue Cord Farm, Inc

Founded by military veterans who lost close friends to prescription overdoses, Blue Cord Farm is a safe place for vets to ask questions and explore cannabis for pain and PTSD treatment. The team has a really unique concept: they buy property or help develop the current land and buildings, including equipment, while managing the necessary business backend in order to establish a farming operation. These farms are subsequently rented to growers who have fulfilled the necessary requirements. Blue Cord Farm is very active in educating and bringing awareness of cannabis to the veteran community, check out their events.


Acting like an Airbnb for cannabis-seekers is the creative idea behind CANRVE. For medicinal cannabis users, travel can be uncomfortable both physically and mentally. Knowing they can travel with easy, legal access to their medication will allow for true relaxation. Medicinal users like veterans can recharge; enjoy a real family vacation and make new memories together. Recreational users will have straightforward access to cannabis that is legal and safe to purchase. Finding a cannabis friendly chef, events and activities are also part of the package with CANRVE. The cannabis travel social has arrived, find your next vacation spot.

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