June 4, 2020
Our Executive Contractors Showed a Big Vote of Confidence With a 50% Greater than anticipated Share Reduction And $500k+ Eliminated From Payable Liabilities

In March, we discussed the negotiations that we were having with our executive contractors, in an ongoing effort to reduce the cap table. We were aiming for a reduction of 2M common shares, yet we ended up with over 50% more (3.3M+ common) shares than anticipated being eliminated from the cap table (in exchange for …

March 16, 2020
Regulation Crowdfunding: Proposed Increase from $1.07M to $5M Supports DigitalAMN’s Revenue and Cash Flow Models

Among our many services, DigitalAMN provides entrepreneurs with money to onboard, launch and market their equity crowdfunding campaigns. Perhaps more importantly, DigitalAMN offers startups and development stage companies money during Reg. CF’s version of the ‘valley of death’; the dreaded 3-6 month period it typically takes for a crowdfunding campaign to begin effectively and successfully…