Financial education

April 30, 2020
Common Cents: Why Financial Literacy Matters During a Pandemic

Good financial habits today are acts of empathy for your future self. Future-you will always appreciate when an emergency fund tucked away in earlier times comes in handy for surprises like a pet getting sick, a sudden need to move, or you know, a global pandemic. Financial literacy is even more crucial during times of…

August 8, 2018
Let’s talk about money: 3 tips to end the awkwardness

We’re all human, we’ve all felt pressured to buy something from a pushy salesperson at one time or agreed to do something we wouldn’t normally spend a dime on. Collectively we can alleviate that awkwardness by being honest with those closest to us and actually speaking up about money and finances. Like most things, talking…

July 3, 2018
Practical Steps to Reach Financial Literacy

Finances can be daunting, especially when many weren’t taught how to balance a checkbook, reconcile a bank statement, file a tax return, or create a budget— let-alone follow it. ls our educational system failing us in teaching financial literacy? For most people, financial education comes long after their formative high school and post-secondary school years….

April 4, 2018
The Importance of Financial Literacy in Your Daily Life

Financial literacy is the knowledge and ability to effectively make short and long term decisions about your money. These decisions include how to earn, invest, pay taxes and plan for retirement, which is pretty important stuff. Money brings comfort, security and well frankly, choice. Most adults lack the basic knowledge to properly manage their finances…