angel investor

August 22, 2018
What’s Angel Investing and Who’s an Angel Investor? (Besides, Mark Cuban)

Angel investing looks incredibly glamorous on television shows like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, but it’s a tough slog for most entrepreneurs. The process can be daunting because angel investors don’t hang around the bank looking for startups to invest in. Let’s shed some light on the angels that help startups: So, what IS Angel…

May 15, 2018
3 Reasons to consider an incubator for your startup

In 1980, the world boasted 12 business incubators, by 2015 incubators had ballooned to 1250 and counting. As the startup world has taken off, so has the need for business incubators to guide founders through the complicated process. Startup incubators provide guidance and shared resources that allow founders to graduate with business plans that are…

April 11, 2018
Funding Your Startup: What You Need to Know

Running a start-up is not for the faint of heart. You need wit, smarts, and a rock star idea. Most important, you need to be able to generate funding to bring your idea to consumers. Securing funding is not an easy task, so start by understanding the needs of both lenders and investors. Traditional lenders…

October 2, 2017
An Explanation of the First Public Accelerator-Incubator

Accelerators, angel and early-stage investors alike continually run into the same exact problem: liquidity, or more precisely, the lack of liquidity. Investing in private startups is questionable and often times painful for the investor; it also slows the funding process and reduces the amount of capital pools available for startups. The Public Accelerator Incubator (PAI)…