3 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Gratitude

Gratitude boosts productivity 

It’s inspiring to know that people value your input, which in turn has a tremendous impact on our work (and life). Our productivity increases along with our engagement level; the Campbell’s Soup CEO can easily attest to this, since over the course of his career, he sent approximately 30,000 thank you cards to staff! Most of us are starved for positive feedback and live for weeks on a small compliment. In fact, many people actually save nice emails and re-read them when they need a boost. It’s wonderful to be appreciated and that feeling is contagious. Gratitude resonates because it’s motivating and acts like its own renewable energy source – just what every entrepreneur needs.

Increases resilience

Gratitude is like currency, the more we spread it around, the more it’s worth. The impact of telling people how much we appreciate them is something that helps a great deal during tough moments. Every entrepreneur is familiar with the times when we may momentarily doubt ourselves and our abilities; this is when the compassionate words of our community are so powerful. Awareness of the value and impact we’ve had on the lives of others bolsters our confidence and resilience when we get knocked down. It happens to the best of us!

A positive work environment

Social emotions like gratitude, empathy and compassion are routinely perceived as ‘unprofessional’ in our culture. This is a factor in why many people’s professional avatars are vastly different from their personal ones. However, these often-missing emotions are a sign of immense strength and security when demonstrated in the workplace. When a colleague is vulnerable, others are typically impressed at the inner strength behind these expressions. People who demonstrate appreciation, authenticity and integrity succeed in business because they create an inclusive, positive environment that attracts others. When people feel valued and important, they go above and beyond without being asked. Southwest Airlines understands this principle and they’ve remained successful in the viciously competitive aviation industry. The positive intangibles make a profound difference in our daily lives in the workplace.

Gratitude is contagious. Let’s see how far we can spread it this holiday season. ☃️

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