3 Startup Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from LeBron James

Lesson 1 – Love what you do

“I treated it like every day was my last day with a basketball”

LeBron has been playing basketball in the NBA since 2003, and as we approach 2020, there’s no doubt that he loves the game. The superstar has switched teams, started new ventures like his HBO series and begun acting. However, his passion for playing basketball is singular, and it’s that type of passion and devotion that makes it easier to put in the long hours often needed to relentlessly forge a path forward. 

Many entrepreneurs need to balance side gigs and other office work for the chance to pursue their dreams and continue eating. However, the hard work is worth it when something truly matters to you. So loving what you do is paramount to your success.

Lesson 2 – Surround yourself with a great team

“No matter how good one individual is, it takes a whole team to win a championship” 

There’s no debate that LeBron is a tremendously talented athlete, and who as a leader, happens to be capable of playing just about any position on the court.  However, hardly anyone does it alone. Similarly in business, trying to get a startup off the ground often requires you to wear many hats. 

In both cases, a team is essential for success. In this way, startup entrepreneurs and athletes have more in common than they realize. Those that provide mentorship, advice or a sympathetic ear can make a huge impact on the progression of someone’s early career and become an intrical part of the team – whether it be in sports or startups. As a player, even the amazing LeBron James has sought feedback from folks like Kobe Bryant and Jerry West, and as an entrepreneur, continues to seek feedback from Warren Buffet and the like.

We are advocates of early team building and as entrepreneurs, you should be too.

Lesson 3 – Be humble and ready to learn

“I never get too high on my stardom or what I can do”

When LeBron left Cleveland the first time, he was the target of an angry letter from his boss. However, he took the high road, which ultimately benefited him when he returned to the Cavaliers to play once again. It takes guts to be able to put your ego aside and see the bigger picture of a scenario, all while absorbing the important lessons. 

There will always be bumps in the road, but choosing to learn with humility, is an attitude that should behoove every startup entrepreneur as this characteristic could carry them further even when lacking in other areas. 

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