AI is Supercharging the Future of Work

Universal basic income: the key to loving your job?

People are the heart and soul of business. The jobs we have give us purpose and the work we do gives us  structure. For many however, their careers weren’t chosen from passion, which leaves most feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ and not necessarily loving their jobs.  But AI actually presents an opportunity for change. 

Advocates for a universal basic income believe it could make it possible for employees to comfortably explore their next career move. That may sound counterintuitive, but many people have no clue what they’re good at until they’ve worked at it. It takes time to try new things, notice what type of work they enjoy, and how to really excel at it – a universal basic income would take the edge off. A welder without work can explore other metalworking opportunities and interests, or attend classes to start a new career. All, while still retaining the dignity of keeping a roof over one’s head and food on the table. 

The pursuit of meaningful work should be a priority because it ultimately creates more work. It’s satisfying to put effort into projects you value and choose for yourself. The countdown to 5pm disappears because clocking out is no longer the finish line. Work becomes intertwined in someone’s life and serves a meaningful purpose. What would that be like?

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According to a 2019 Dun & Bradstreet report, a whopping “40% of respondents’ organizations are adding more jobs as a result of deploying AI within their business.” That exciting data showcases the positive impact AI is having on the front lines of the office. For an industry that’s constantly reinventing itself, a deep learning engineer is the second most in-demand AI job and it wasn’t included in the list the year prior. This is borderline poetic! The industry is in the midst of such explosive growth and innovation, it can barely keep up with itself. 

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