Blockstack’s Token Sale Is the First SEC Qualified Reg A+ Offering in U.S. History in the Crypto and Blockchain Space

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Blockstack: kind of a big deal. They’ve just made history by being the first SEC Qualified Reg A+ crypto offering in the U.S. This move by Blockstack can be viewed to bring crypto out of the shadows and moving the industry more in line with the SEC’s standards. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are not regulated as securities, many coins issued by companies have been deemed security offerings. Blockstack has taken the road less traveled and set the precedent and roadmap for others to follow. Blockstack can now sell digital tokens online with blockchain and cryptocurrency focused equity crowdfunding portals, making it possible for non-accredited investors to gain ownership early on in emerging industries. Plus, this is a giant leap forward for decentralized applications, internet security, and privacy.

Blockstack is blasting off

Blockstack’s token sale is looking to raise $28 million, with nearly half of that amount being allocated to bringing developers flocking onto its decentralized blockchain platform, home of its #CantBeEvil architecture. The ecosystem incentivizes white hat development that prioritizes user privacy, security and intuitive interfaces. Naturally, developers making killer apps will earn more. Given how centralized data is catnip for tyranny, the team at Blockstack is helping information stay decentralized and secure.

Early bird gets the worm

In June, Colorado proved their first mover advantage was profitable, when they smashed the historic milestone of becoming the first state to break the $1 billion mark in cannabis-related revenue. This amazing feat was achieved in only 5 years after Colorado legalized the sale of marijuana back in 2014. This year, the first cannabis cultivation company offering was approved – receiving Reg A+ qualification. In less than a decade, the cannabis industry has been lucrative for the local economy in Colorado. Blockstack’s first mover advantage will likely put them ahead of their competition in blockchain/crypto, just as it seems to be doing for OrgHarvest, Inc. in cannabis. While it is impossible to know what the technology and business landscapes will look like, being at the front affords you the best view.

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