Business Ops & Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends

Businesses hit their stride with artificial intelligence

If organizations were asked if they’re using artificial intelligence, many would answer ‘no’ without a second thought. However, businesses are already using AI technology like chatbots and virtual assistants without even realizing it. AI helps to bridge the customer insight gap that’s crucial to a business’ long term success, and 2018 was a productive year for this technology.

AI has proven extremely valuable for automating reams of data collected and used for business intelligence and process insight. The emergence of AI as a big data support system increased in 2018, with startups like, whose software provides a digital workforce and corporate memory technology. This advanced technology has attracted the attention of CIO Review Magazine, who tapped Joe Rogers’ startup as one of the 20 Most Promising AI Solution Providers of 2018. Retaining institutional knowledge in an organization, is a powerful use of AI which gained significant traction in 2018.

The ability to automate business processes and enhance human productivity through AI is expected to continue scaling, causing excitement for the industry in 2019.

Healthcare also digs deep into AI

Artificial intelligence has been increasingly implemented throughout the healthcare field, primarily due to its applicability for practical, everyday use and to efficiently re-organize staff duties throughout the healthcare system. Patients may not realize it, but MRIs and CT scans are among some of the current diagnostic and imaging tools that use AI and machine learning. Doctors are now able to detect strokes with more accuracy and the technology learns over time, how to accurately read images, adding extra layers of insight to the doctor’s diagnosis.

Medical records have many complex data points, usually spanning years of a patient’s healthcare information. AI has proven valuable as a big data support system, for doctors to manage patient conditions and ensure they get the best treatment possible. With artificial intelligence, healthcare workers can avoid being overwhelmed by unmanageable data, because the technology continuously learns and processes the information into useable insight, which improves patient treatment.

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