DigitalAMN’s Ajene Watson was Interviewed on MoneyTV by Donald Baillargeon

DigitalAMN’s CEO, Ajene Watson, was just interviewed on MoneyTV. He chats with Donald about all things DigitalAMN – how we’re different, what startups can expect working with us, why we’re supporters of the JOBS Act and much more. 

What does DigitalAMN do?

We’re a social impact company that helps the 99% pursue their dreams. That includes everything from building a business to securing financial freedom. We help entrepreneurs build businesses and individuals grow wealth.

How is DigitalAMN different?

With regards to building a business, we’re different from a traditional accelerator because we utilize a hybrid model. This means that we help a startup from the beginning stages, all the way through to the liquidity phase, while building value for DATI’s shareholders along the way.

We do this by accelerating, incubating, acquiring and spinning off companies.

During the Accelerate phase, we’re performing active due diligence. We also assist startups with compliance, accounting support and establishing a market presence. 

We assist the company in raising as much as $1M in the first round of financing.  We also provide expense budgeting to assist with the cost of that raise. Sometimes even, we’ll invest directly into the startups. Nearly all of DigitalAMN companies have and will raise money using the JOBS Act – specifically through Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF). 

What’s the deal with DigitalAMN and TruCrowd, Inc?

When a new startup joins DigitalAMN, we turn to TruCrowd, Inc. first, because their family of portals are being developed as a key component of our ecosystem. Ultimately, we are ardent supporters of the JOBS Act and urge our clients to leverage this legislation to raise money.  So, we will use whichever securities crowdfunding portal is most appropriate even if it is not TruCrowd, Inc, but we will always turn to TruCrowd, Inc. first.

What are some advantages for a startup working with DigitalAMN?

Like the Fast and the Furious franchise, we’re all about family. We’re a passionate group of professionals who understand the true value of money and who are real advocates for the success of everyday people. We avoid onboarding too many companies, allowing us to pay close attention to each project. By allocating resources each time we commit to a startup, we put our money where our mouth is. Startups look to work with us because they get a firm commitment each step of the way.

Why is DigitalAMN the one to watch?

Soon you’ll be introduced to some exciting opportunities in our portfolio that you can invest in. These could be future Fortune 500 companies. As our ecosystem continues to grow and expand, it provides value to everyone. We’re currently undervalued.  However, when our market value begins to reflect our portfolio’s value and activity, we expect it to be very positive for the ecosystem and DATI shareholders.

Watch Ajene Watson’s full interview here

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