How companies in need of funding can succeed in the VC community with patience and perseverance

There is the simple approach to raising capital; playing the numbers game. Speak with 100 people of value and potentially interested in investing in your type of company or startup. According to the rules of the numbers game, one person out of those hundred will write a cheque. This is where patience and perseverance enter the picture. Often overlooked, and in many cases will cause you to lose the investment, is not having your presentation and information prepared and on point.

Know the details of your market, valuation, and opportunity and if you don’t know a question, never make up the answer. Be prepared and be ready to quickly provide anything and everything requested. The details are important in both the story of what you are building and in the appearance of your presentation.

Take the meetings to learn what works and what doesn’t work for you, in terms of your presentation in order to refine your pitch (think of it as light market research).

I know it’s cliché but this is a marathon and emotions will run high and low. Stay focused and work the odds.

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