Investors are Eager to Embrace the Highs of the Cannabis Industry

High Risk, High Reward.

Who’s supporting the Devil’s Lettuce now?

Another twist only imaginable in 2019: the “Devil’s Lettuce” has been blessed with a brand overhaul. In a bold move, the Church of England announced its intention to invest a slice of its $10.5 billion fund in cannabis. It is suggested that “moderation seems to be the key to the enjoyment of non-medical cannabis in the Christian tradition.” But of course, the church was quick to point out that somehow their investment has “nothing to do with the Church of England loosening up, or becoming stoner-friendly.”

It’s understandable that some people might have whiplash after learning about this investment news. However, the church’s involvement is a powerful force that symbolizes the social stigma surrounding cannabis is slowly lifting. 62% of Americans are now in favor of legalization, so it’ll likely happen sooner than later, especially given that cannabis is now considered ethical investing and the science community is eager to explore the medicinal benefits of THC and CBD. The church’s blessing has become the cherry on top of the “special cake” that’ll help normalize cannabis in our culture.

The green rush

2019 is half-way over and it seems to have already been a stellar year. Cannabis has gobbled up $1.3 billion from venture capital firms, which, according to Pitchbook, has “already outstripped the $1 billion in VC money spent in all of 2018.” Stoked by the fires of the industry, Wall Street has certainly taken notice.  In a poll of 120 financial executives, the majority agreed, whereby “almost 33% said that the cannabis industry has the greatest growth potential this year, a close second behind tech.” The survey was conducted by EisnerAmper

This trend isn’t surprising to the investors who expected the cannabis industry would be ablaze. 

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