Music Startups & Investors Rejoice with the Launch of MusicFy, the First Equity Crowdfunding Portal Dedicated to the Music Industry

Coming off a stellar 2018, the top-10-rated equity crowdfunding portal TruCrowd, Inc., is making moves in the music industry with the soft launch of its third industry focused equity crowdfunding portal, MusicFy.  

Musicfy, the first of its kind equity crowdfunding portal dedicated exclusively to startups and development stage companies pursuing ventures in the music industry, allows music related startups the opportunity to raise up to $1.07 million using Reg. CF (Title III of the JOBS Act). For investors, especially everyday people and music fans, Musicfy offers a new way to delve into the music industry and make money in one of the most glamourous sectors around. 

Varner Enterprises, lead by Michael Varner, is the first startup to be onboarded on Musicfy. Varner Enterprises uses a proven marketing and promotional model to assist rising stars in the music industry, helping them get noticed by record labels and key industry advisors and consultants.  As its first asset, Varner Enterprises acquired independent record label L2 Records. L2 is a wholly owned subsidiary that works with artists in the pop, EDM, and hip-hop genres. [see the Varner Enterprises Vimeo pitch here:]

TruCrowd, which VentureBeat recognized as a Top-10 Reg. CF crowdfunding platform ( in its June 2018 report of “Today’s Best Crowdfunding Platforms – By The Numbers,” continues to amaze and astonish, as they accomplish new successes each year. With the launch of MusicFy, its fourth equity crowdfunding portal (third sector focused platform), the future of TruCrowd continues to look very promising.

Lastly, considering that total revenues for the music industry exceeded $17B in 2017, the future looks especially good for DigitalAMN. Particularly when you take into account that our equity-portfolio now has an interest in two music related platforms, MusicFy and Vezt, Inc. – both allowing fans and everyday people a new way to support music entrepreneurs and/or further an artists’ career. This, by either owning equity in the business venture through Musicfy, or by owning the rights to an artists’ music royalties through Vezt, Inc. 

Either way, It’s all ‘Music to our ears!’ 

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