SoftBank is doubling down on Artificial Intelligence

At SoftBank, the world’s biggest tech investor, there’s currently a team of 200 scouts whose sole focus is to help identify potential AI acquisitions. With a market cap of $100 billion and a desire to pour  $1 billion in AI startups, SoftBank has pointed us in the direction of the future – artificial intelligence. SoftBank has been gobbling up software and hardware companies that push forward Son’s vision for a future dominated by AI.

  • Buying the chip designer, ARM Holdings last year for $32 million in anticipation of 1 trillion chip demand.
  • SenseTime received a large capital investment for their work in facial recognition, identity verification, autonomous driving and augmented reality technology.
  • Petuum Inc., a firm that makes machine learning processes scalable for companies in a variety of industries received a $93 million investment. Their concentration is in the healthcare field with a special focus on diagnostics.

Just in case that acquisitions weren’t convincing enough, Son also stated that 97% of his “time and brain” is now devoted to artificial intelligence. Thanks to Softbank’s relentless pursuit forward into AI, WorkDone has a large doorway to step through.

AI with a Conscience

Timing is everything. WorkDone’s practical convergence of machine learning, business process management, content analytics, and blockchain fulfills the promise of AI in the workplace. Their patent-pending technology, Expertise Capture, uses machine learning to automates repetitive human-intensive tasks and creates reusable agents that are constantly being improved through learning without programming. WorkDone Agents interoperate to build systems of intelligence that preserve the corporate memory so institutional knowledge is retained when an employee retires or leaves the company.

WorkDone is a public benefit corporation propelled by the mission of mitigating the social impact of the AI we’re creating. AI frees workers from repetitive manual tasks like approving employee vacation time and processing expense reports, freeing up more available time to innovate. Core to WorkDone, we believe that we can unleash human entrepreneurial creativity through the Foundation because humans strive for purpose. As such, we’re offering to ethically and practically support non-profit communities designed to equally share in the bounty of AI.

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