The WorkDone Revolution is Underway

What is machine learning?

A branch on the tree of artificial intelligence, machine learning is based on the notion that computer systems can learn from data, clearly identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Developed from pattern recognition, these computers are capable of cumulative learning without being programmed to perform specific tasks.

Machine learning is uniquely buildable because as new data is exposed, the predictive models are able to learn, grow, change, and develop independently. Using previous calculations, the computers learn to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results. It’s a science that’s nothing new, it has simply gained new momentum with powerful modern computing technology.

Everyday uses

Machine learning may seem like technology from Blade Runner, but we’ve had it in our homes and personal lives for years. By logging into and watching Netflix, machine learning is analyzing and calculating your preferences so it can offer the best recommendations for your unique taste. Same with buying things from Amazon. Our beloved smartphone helpers Siri and Cortana are both prominent examples of voice recognition machine learning. PayPal uses machine learning for fraud detection by shedding light on a customer’s activity and motives.

Why we can’t ignore it

Machine learning feeds off fresh data; it gets more precise each time. It’s even progressed faster than many data scientists believed possible. However, this means that many tasks that humans once believed would be theirs forever will be absorbed by machine learning systems much sooner than previously expected.

Introducing: WorkDone

WorkDone, a truCrowd Issuer and DigitalAMN client, is an AI platform that caters to small and large businesses with a desire to optimize workflows and increase productivity through the removal of repetitive, time consuming tasks performed by humans. The goal is to replace the countless hours of low-value busywork that churns through employee’s time and keeps them from pursuing more meaningful assignments; increasing opportunity for profitable long-term business objectives. True competitive advantage and unleashing human potential stem from a removal of mindless, repetitive endeavors.

The technology

WorkDone offers their clients substantial productivity gains by successfully incorporating machine learning, business process, content analytics and blockchain technologies. An added bonus is there’s no user training or programming required to automate business processes between SaaS platforms like Sage Intacct, Salesforce and NetSuite. WorkDone relies on Expertise Capture, their patent-pending technology, which effectively taps into machine learning to train AI ‘agents’ to complete repetitive human work. This AI platform deploys a digital workforce composed of automated software bots. It’s like a personalized assistant that knows the unique ins and outs of your organization. AI agents can function as testers and trainers which can design systems of intelligence that preserve your corporate memory; salvaging priceless institutional knowledge when an employee retires or leaves the company.

In March 2018, WorkDone’s first client went live with a system that took purchase orders received via email and seamlessly staged  them as sales orders within their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.

Why WorkDone matters

The anxiety surrounding automation is real and profound for many everyday people who don’t know if there may be an impact on their job. It’s effortless to empathize with their feelings of fear and helplessness for the future, which is why WorkDone’s non-profit community will be designed to address the social impact of AI and ensure that society shares equally in the the abundance created from automation.

Mindful community impact

Rooted in the foundation of the charter company, the WorkDone community’s vision and funding supports projects such as training, jobs and new businesses to bolster workers and any others affected by automation. Similar to a social incubator, the Foundation supports entrepreneurship and new businesses, which in turn generate jobs for those in need of new opportunities. Offering empowering support to those who feel learning new skills beneficial to remain more agile in the market, this non-profit community is an ethical and forward thinking response to the unpredictability of future technology.

“WorkDone is AI with a conscience,” stated WorkDone CEO Joe Rogers, an enterprise content management expert with over 20 years experience. We feel bringing this product and service to market, is as much about people, as it is technology. Leveraging the JOBS Act and bringing this opportunity to the masses through crowdfunding was one of the best ways to both raise capital and give people another opportunity to excel.”

The desire to create an abundant future for all is a guiding value for WorkDone. Machine learning and AI will impact some jobs, however, the Foundation will embrace an active, permanent role in innovating technologically and socioeconomically. WorkDone is committed to disrupting and improving the world, and human benefit through AI.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Technically speaking, equity crowdfunding is a way for entrepreneurs to raise money from everyday people and small public investors who in return get a proportionate slice of equity in a startup – and in WorkDone’s case (using truCrowd’s platform) a share in the revenue. Before crowdfunding, startup owners could only raise money by borrowing from friends and family, securing a bank loan or the benevolence of angel investors or a VC firm. On a different level, equity crowdfunding is the only opportunity everyday people, who do not have to meet any socio-economic requirements, will have to invest in startups and obtain equity.

Everyone is invited to join the WorkDone revolution by investing in their equity crowdfunding campaign on the truCrowd platform (min. $250 investment)

AI is Supercharging the Future of Work

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