Venture Forward: An Opportunity for DigitalAMN, Dot Hip Hop, LLC and Domain Registrars Like GoDaddy to Empower Minority-Owned Businesses Through the Culture of Hip Hop

A recent GoDaddy study, Venture Forward (, found that Black microbusiness owners are more likely to start businesses that support their communities. As part of its Black History Month celebration, GoDaddy asked four of its clients to offer advice to future Black entrepreneurs. The responses were pretty cool.  

DigitalAMN, home to an innovative platform that combines the support of an incubator, the speed of an accelerator, and the long-term outlook of a business development company, provides marketing and communication, business development, and capital formation services, with a focus on diversely undervalued communities. This trademarked platform could potentially help enhance GoDaddy’s efforts by possibly bringing a different approach and resource to support Black entrepreneurs and microbusiness owners.

Let’s Explore!

DigitalAMN’s Public Accelerator-Incubator model (PAI®) allows anyone to invest in companies supported by DigitalAMN, disrupting the typical accelerator model and bucking the traditionally non-inclusive system of the capital markets. In a “DREAM COLLABORATION”, DigitalAMN’s dream of course 😉, GoDaddy clients could possibly access other empowerment tools, that could potentially help drive change and create broader success for Black-owned businesses.

One such resource that the ‘dream collaboration’ could collectively leverage to help drive change and create broader success for Black-owned businesses, is Dot Hip Hop, LLC. Dot Hip Hop, LLC is a domain registry that holds the license to develop and operate the domain extension .HipHop (). Dot Hip Hop, LLC is a DigitalAMN portfolio company [in partnership with Right of the Dot], and is also a future client of GoDaddy.

.HipHop is culturally well positioned to help DigitalAMN and GoDaddy reach these communities. And with over one billion people worldwide aligning themselves with this culture, Hip Hop has transcended social barriers to become the purveyor of popular art, fashion, and business, and is undisputedly, the world’s number one music genre. References to the culture are even made in reverence by such noteworthy persons as Ari Melber and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries.

However, many of the communities within the Hip Hop culture are still widely disenfranchised, undervalued and underserved. This is particularly the reason why it would seem to make sense that GoDaddy, and ALL registrars for that matter, should help these billion individuals fully access and leverage their brands and identities online. This could be accomplished by supporting a domain extension, like .HipHop, that is specific to a given culture and that community’s brand and identity. If not for any other reason, then simply to help them protect their intellectual property, businesses and the culture of Hip Hop on its golden anniversary and for the next 50 Years to come.

DigitalAMN is desirous about the future of Hip Hop, and the .HipHop extension, and the mission of Dot Hip Hop, LLC, aligns perfectly with DigitalAMN’s social and economic mission of inclusion. In the dream of joining forces, GoDaddy, DigitalAMN and Dot Hip Hop, could potentially offer a powerful combination of resources and support to help committed Black entrepreneurs, just like Ajene Watson (CEO of DigitalAMN and Managing Partner/Director of .HipHop), write the next chapter of Black-owned business history. And in the case of Hip Hop… such a collaboration could truly help to heal the community and give the culture a real opportunity to “take back its future” and finally own their brand and identity in a meaningful way. 

A powerful gift, for the 50th anniversary!

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