What Will AI Jobs Of The Future Look Like After The WorkDone Findability Sciences Collaboration?

In 2018, Anna Codrea-Rado made a contribution to Forbes on the behalf of Dell Technologies entitled, “What The AI Jobs of The Future Will Look Like.”  Wouldn’t you know it; the muse for the piece was none other than…?   

Well, if you guessed Findability Sciences, we wouldn’t blame you.   

Let’s face it.  When it comes to name recognition, anyone who has a big brother named SoftBank, is bound to grab all the attention. However, we are talking about none other than our own, WorkDone, Inc., who just themselves, aligned with Findability Sciences in a strategic partnership. How exciting! WorkDone will now be the beneficiary of Findability Sciences’ investment capital and other resources.  I guess then, its arguably safe to say, you could still grab a few googly eyes if you said, “my good friend’s brother is SoftBank”; wouldn’t you agree?

Well, when the piece was written, there wasn’t yet a bonafide relationship with Findability Sciences.  So, Ms. Codrea-Rado truly read the tea leaves; as today, WorkDone is even better positioned to achieve their pursuit of deploying ethical AI around the world. With Findability Sciences’ support, WorkDone could likely attain that goal, much faster. 

This is why we were so excited when Findability Sciences made their announcement, “Findability Sciences Extends Its AI Reach With An Investment In Work Heuristics Platform WorkDone”. From the time we met Joe in late 2017, we’ve always believed what the rest of the world is coming to realize. WorkDone is not the average run-of-the-mill startup or AI technology. As Ms. Codrea-Rado alludes and Findability Sciences seemingly appears to have co-signed [via their investment/partnership], WorkDone has an in-depth knowledge of work heuristics, experience in AI, compassion for the human spirit and a broader understanding of economic principles; making them a good candidate to shepherd us all, to a prosperous co-existence with artificial intelligence.

The short: WorkDone makes the seamless automation of business processes between existing SaaS platforms possible. Might we add, they do this with no user training or programming required. The most important aspect, WorkDone is “AI With A Conscience” – focused on creating AI technologies that are supportive of human growth in the workplace.  Through its Expertise Capture [patent-pending], machine learning is used to capture operational best practices and direct WorkDone Agents in completing those mundane repetitive tasks that often stunt a person’s professional growth. This will afford humans the time to learn and perform higher valued work.  

Aside from Findability making a strategic investment into WorkDone, the two technology companies will evaluate and collectively pursue opportunities complementary to their core offerings – to co-create integrated solutions addressing specific challenges within the customer environment.

WorkDone is one of the first projects that DigitalAMN accepted as a client-company, before acquiring an equity stake. Therefore, it goes without saying, management certainly has a special place in their hearts and in DATI’s equity portfolio, for the artificial intelligence – machine learning organization.  

The most important element is this… With each success WorkDone has – be it their initial capital raise on TruCrowd, Inc., executing their first deal with Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products (subsidiary of Eckert & Ziegler AG), their partnership with Atlanta-based 3V Solutions to bring Expertise Capture to customers running SAP, or this current relationship with SoftBank’s portfolio company, Findability Sciences – as a startup leveraging DigitalAMN’s ecosystem, is a testament of DigitalAMN’s business model:

To present everyday people, regardless of their socioeconomic status, the opportunity to invest in very viable, high value, fast growth startups.

But to answer the initial question, “What will AI jobs of the future look like after the WorkDone Findability Sciences Collaboration?” We have no idea.  Nonetheless, we will continue to wager that whatever it looks like, WorkDone will have successfully played an impactful and meaningful role in the future of Jobs and ethical AI.

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