What It’s Really Like Working at Digital Arts Media Network

My role as Vice President of Cryptocurrency at Digital Arts Media Network (DATI) allows me to wear many hats. Currently my role centers around business development and strategic advisement. This means that I examine overall company evaluation for possible acquisitions, raise equity, advise on internal company direction, develop internal policies and procedures for cryptocurrency, understand regulatory changes and updates, stay on top of blockchain software and assist with customer experience. Whew, that was a lot! DATI encourages us to explore all our strengths so we’re given the freedom to work on projects that may not be in our ‘traditional’ wheelhouse.

Since my role has many facets, day-to-day I can be found reading whitepapers, meeting with C- suite executives, scouting company locations, researching online. Right now I’ve been heavily focused on evaluation of companies, which means establishing internal procedures to grade potential companies for future funding.

I really enjoy working with people and putting puzzles together so working at Digital Arts Media Network suits my personality. It’s great being encouraged to use my strengths and having support for my weaknesses. We’re all moving towards the same goal of creating a better environment for our investors and companies, DATI allows me the autonomy to dig into my role.  

I want to help people because the line between success and failure is razor thin and if I’ve got the knowledge to help, I’ve got to do it. So glad that everyday I get to come to work and make financial success for both our investors and startups.

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